Thursday, January 27, 2011

Janet Wins !!

Janet from New Jersey is the winner in our very first pattern give-away. 
I hope that you enjoy stitching up every one of these patterns.

And unfortunately I must add...MY APOLOGIES...
to so many of you that contacted me, and those who did not,  to say that you were unable to post a comment.   Being way too new at all of this, I could not figure out the problem.  Until just now.
Long story short...I have changed some settings so it should not be a problem in the future.
I will leave settings as such unless it creates some unforeseen problem.
SO very sorry!
I will make it up to you by having another drawing soon.
Woolbert was very upset with me but that little warm and wooly heart has already forgiven.
Hope you will too.
Thanks to all!

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