Sunday, March 20, 2011


During the show I was hosted by my wonderful friends Marylou and Richard.  One evening, my carelessly leading everyone over a hillside to the lower level of the restaurant's parking lot, ended Marylou up in an unseen ominous hole in the pavement.  Down went my dear friend, high heels and all.  She insisted on continuing on with our dinner plans so we popped a bag of ice on her ankle and ate away.   Oblivion was not permitted the next morning however, and a trip to the doctor reveals a cracked fibula.  Big Groan.  Shame on me and my habitual shortcuts.
Soooo sorry Marylou.   But that's a lovely cane!  Really!  Isn't it lovely folks!
See how it matches her outfit?   It absolutely does!!  
Marylou is an accoomplished artist in the Scaramento area.   Multi medium artist in fact.   Her sculptures are as delightful as her paintings.  You can meet her and view more of her incredible art work here:

Dancing Flowers
View of the American River

And then the gifts from my booth neighbors who are always so enjoyable and generous.
Vintage pincushion from Auntie Em.
Olde Wool and vintage button.
Beaded bookmark
from Barbara
Barbara's bookmarks - hand made
beads from Kenya.  Charms also.

 Barbara used to teach art to young children in Los Angeles through the Getty Art Museum so is well skilled in now creating her own art.   Her works are located on etsy -  cabochon atelier.

I love fences.   They stop me in my tracks.   So on the way home from the Folsom show I snapped these two moss-covered beauties.  The stone fence ran a good ways around the lovely lake. Click on them for better view.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Folsom show, one of my favorites, has come and gone.  But the memories have not.  Can you imagine the challenge trying to set up your booth when right next door Auntie Em is unveiling treasure after treasure and the passers by are exclaiming one after another..."oh MY!"  "Oh I have NEVER seen..."   And once again you have to pop yourself up to the next rung on your ladder, balance with the other foot on the table...for better leverage...and peer over the curtain top.  Quietly.  Gracefully.   Disinterestedly.   Well CAN you imagine?   The vintage buttons the antique quilts the linens. Take a look.
See what i mean....Booth To Live For.
Auntie Em herself.
Even has a rug on the floor...classy vintage.
Auntie Em has a wealth of knowledge to share about all of her quilts.   I have learned a lot seeing as how I not only snoop but eavesdrop as well.   She and Barbara are fun booth neighbors...we have to remind ourselves at times to attend to our customers and tone down the frivolity.   
That's the Folsom report.
Woolbert says hello and wants you to know that soon he will have a free pattern the new 12 block little wool quilt done at last.   I'll try to get it up on the website as soon as we return from the airport in a few days....picking up the Pittsburgh son and the granddaughter.  A three and a half year old in the house again...We are so ready for that!