Monday, June 1, 2015


Have a new tablecloth pattern just finished and almost ready for next weekends quilt show . . we'll have it on the website in a week or so.  The pattern includes some fun napkins made with Hand-Dyed Osnaburg . . one of my favorite ever fabrics.  Works so nicely with wool too.

 You can use either side of the Osnaburg so it is ideal for making napkins.
Add just a touch of embellishment in one corner and they become giftworthy!

They are all tidy with their mitered corners and hemstitching.
Two years ago i purchased a wing needle at the most wonderful fabric store in Ashland Oregon.
Fabric of Vision 

 This special needle is made in Germany by Klasse.
I used it with a simple decorative stitch.  The wings on the side actually cut tiny holes as it stitches giving the appearance of hemstitching.  Woven fabrics like Osnaburg and linens are ideal for using the Wing Needle.
Can't quite see those tiny holes in the photo below 
but I love that little decorative stitch.
Aren't they nifty napkins?
Lots of wing needle information on-line.  Get one and have some stitching fun!