Thursday, March 13, 2014


Nettie would like you to meet her new friends.

Here is Hattie.  Christine Arburua, changed Nettie's personality with a new hairdo and outfit.   Hattie was donated to Chistine's local library fundraiser.  She wrote that she was going to make herself a Nettie to keep.  And not too many days later . .  along came Sylvie!

 Sylvie . . Nettie thinks you are just divine.  
It seems Sylvie stole the heart of one of Christine's friends so on she stitched to make a 3rd.   I hope that she is able to keep at least one for herself.    Who knows . . she might be on #12 by now.
Don't you just love her hair and earrings?!!
Adorable in every way.
How wonderful if they could all come visit some day.
And why not a Steampunk version?
I hope that Miz Nettie does not get jealous of this looker.
Kathleen Mcleod . . Washington state doll maker.
Wouldn't you love to meet Steampunk Nettie in person?  Classy.

Truth be told . . 
Nettie has been feeling just a few stitches short of lonely these past days.
But everything seams sew much better now. 

And let us both say . . 
"Thank you Christine.  Thank you Kathleen."

for your wonderful creations . . and the time
you took to take and send these photos so that they could be shared with others who love the art of stitching
. . . and the art of doll making.

Dolls Rock !!