Friday, June 26, 2020


What a fabulous finish to the Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt Sew Along.  Rhonda's genius never seems to run out.  Go to her website, Farmhouse Threads,  for the free pattern download and available kits.  All of the designers will have their patterns free until the end of July.
Can't wait until our next venture together.  Keep an eye out!

Friday, June 19, 2020

BLOCK 12 !!!!

And here it is from Bits and Pieces by Joan.
The final Block in our Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt Sew Along.
We Three Kings
Do you adore that little camel.  I do!
For the free pattern download and available kits go to Joans website.
Next week we wind it up with Rhonda, Farmhouse Threads, finishing block.
All of the patterns are still free from each designer.  After July they will need to be purchased.
What fun this sew along has been.
If new to you go to Farmhouse Threads for links to all of the designers free patterns.

Friday, June 12, 2020


We are getting near the end of this sew along.  This is Block #11 from Jenifer Gaston of Woolen Willow Designs.   I just love this.  What is happier than wool, a whimsical Christmas tree . . and sheep!
You can get this free pattern on her Woolen Willow website and also purchase a kit if you like.
Next week Block #12 from Bits and Pieces by Joan,  and then the Finishing Block from Farmhouse Threads.
Keep It Stitchy!

Thursday, June 4, 2020


The Little Drummer Boy Pattern, Block 10.  From the 2020 Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt Sew Along.
Many have asked for some help in appliquéing this sweet little face. 
To follow the helpful hints below you will have to print out the actual size of his image which can be found in the PDF file I have created.  
For the printable PDF file and instruction

Below is duplicate information of what you can print out on the PDF link above. 
Hope you find this helpful.

The Little Drummer Boy's face is actually quite simple. The pattern covers most of this info but here are some helping hints.
The positioning of the Cap and facial features can make a big difference.  The distance between the eyes and how far down or up you locate them render completely different expressions.  The pattern shows positioning but here i have scanned his head.  If you print this out the image should measure 2.75w x 2.56h.  It will match up with your pattern templates.
You may have seen the tutorial i posted here on this Blog,  and also on my FB Page and the Mystery Quilt FB Page about using vinyl or a sheet protector, and a dry or wet erase marker.  This works perfectly for the Face.

  • Place your vinyl over this face image and trace the shapes and details.  
  • Once you have your appliqué pieces cut out, position as directed on pattern.  Place this traced vinyl over the head,  carefully lift one end and then line up the Cap & Scarf in line with your traced vinyl.
  • Get your head and Cap stitched in place as directed in the pattern.
  • Reposition the vinyl over head.  Position Eye Circles and stitch them on with the large dark blue French knots.  With a disappearing ink marker, lightly mark nose, mouth and a bit of the hair using the traced vinyl as your guide.   Stitch as directed in pattern

Here are some additional hints:

  • Fabric:  I like to use cotton for appliquéd faces rather than wool.   Stitches are better defined on cotton for a face.  For The Little Drummer Boy i used medium weight Monks Cloth in the color Nut Shell.  I carry this on my website.  This color is a nice golden skin tone.  You can use any cotton skin tone that you might have.  Fuse it well.
  • Eye Circles:  Bluish/Grey wool was used.  Cut out the Eye Circles with your fusible webbing, pressing the webbing to the back of the wool a bit longer than usual.  
  • Mouth:  You can stitch with floss or cut out a tiny rectangle of fused wool and round it on the ends.   Hold in place with a few slip stitches in a matching color sewing thread.
  • Nose is stitched with thin black quilting thread, one stitch down and one short stitch over.
  • And the powder rouge for his cheeks is a must.  It is the finishing touch.  Apply lightly a little at a time and blend. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Well it is finally my turn in the Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt Sew Along.  My Christmas carol is
The Little Drummer Boy.
When i finished him i realized he looks just like an older version of my grandson Maverick.
This fun 12 inch block is wool appliqué and there are two cotton backgrounds, the Black Plaid and the wonderful Lite Grey with embroidered white +.  Doesn't it look like snow?  Perfect background for so many yuletide creations.  It is available on our website by the way.
For your FREE PATTERN DOWNLOAD simply go to our website,
On the website, click on the Christmas Carol Free Pattern Download.  DO NOT add to cart but simply click on the brown rectangle box that says "CLICK HERE FOR FREE PATTERN DOWNLOAD.
A KIT ONLY is also available for sale on our website - the background fabrics and the hand dyed and mill dyed wools.
If you do not wish to download the free pattern you can order a PRINTED PATTERN.
Please see my previous post for some appliqué tips.
This is such a fun sew along and brilliantly created by Rhonda of Farmhouse Threads.
Here is a most wonderful version of the song The Little Drummer Boy,  by Josh Groban.
Play and Stitch! 🎵