Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't know..just put some red petunias in a big white pot.  It well satisfies the floral appetite.  And that's from spring to fall.  Why did I bother planting anything else?  Do I show my appreciation by dead heading them?  No I do not.  Do I feed them?  Nope.  If
was a word, then I would call them that.  The thermometer is wringing us out at 104 degrees these past days and still…they bloom on.   We ate out on the patio this evening.  i glanced over at their perky little forms.  Feeling slightly irritable from the heat and waiting too long to nourish myself, a grimace escaped me and I mumbled..

"yah go ahead and just blossom your little heads off…like you don't even KNOW you should be flat out wilted….like me!  Just sit there in all your bloomin' glory!"

Sheepishly, i turned back to my platter of food which for some reason now looked rather unappetizing.   I went for a short walk down the road after finishing.  When I returned, they all seemed to be staring at me as i attempted to sneak on by.  But alas, I did.  I apologized.  To each and every one of the glorious little Reds.
It's the heat you know…turns me into a monster sometimes.
But they will forgive me I know they will and tomorrow morning when I walk outside to splash my face in the morning sun as it sprinkles through the redwoods, they will shout it out once again.

and they are so right...