Sunday, August 12, 2012


Maybe you don't know this but we get scorching days in the redwoods.  It doesn't seem fitting but it certainly happens.  It happened today and though not a great day for dyeing wool, I could put it off no longer.  A new Midnight Blue jumped out of the pot.  Do you like it?
OH!  I see it is not appearing true.  Looks so much prettier in person.
So much for the new scanner.  Or I think rather, the scanner person.
That Blue is begging to be a background . .  right?

So then, how about Witchie.  She is a preview to a new Halloween pattern coming your way soon.   Hopefully will be done by the time I leave for the Tacoma show next Tuesday.   Any bets?
If only you just had to design to run a business.  Ok.  Enough boo hooing - I heard ya.

Oh Miz Witchie . . . Will you  will you will you . . have some Spookster friends perhaps?  
I am thinking yes.  And I do so love your Moonglow Halloween Yellow background.
Is that new Miz Witchie?  I say . . . did you drag that in from the depths of the Hollows?
And what more shall you bring My Dearie?