Saturday, January 12, 2013


I really do have some other patterns started but i am still finishing up the dolly.  She is of the primitve sort so the lovely hand dyed rayon ribbons from Auntie Em's were not a good fit by themselves.  Yummy tho huh?  I keep them tidy in this yellow French bowl that i picked up in a little shop in not France . . boo hoo.  The hot chocolate cup became chipped and was then discarded.  Someone was silly.

 Her worn muslin dress needed something . . a bit more raveled . . tattered . . . ratty.
So I grabbed from my stash of tacky nylonish type sheers, the kind that freak out when cut . .  and ravel wildly all along the edges.   Isn't this one just so eeeek gaudy?!!
Grab a similar textile from your stash and make some shabby ribbon with me.

 Cut a strip a bit wider than your desired ribbon.
Gently tie knots about every 3 or 4 or so inches.
It is begining to ravel some now isn't it?  In a little plastic cup mix together some liquid matte medium and some brown antiquing medium.   I was too impatient to continue painting it onto the strip with a brush so I added just a bit of water. Moosh the ribbon into the mixture and gently squeeze out the excess liquid. Then dip a couple of fingers into the mixture and dab here and there on the strip. Maybe wear a pair of gloves like I didn't.   Squeeze the strip in a paper towel and hang to dry.

Mellowed to my liking now.  How is yours looking?
Might be added near the bottom of the dress.  Possibly on top of the brown hand dyed ribbon . . that will bring it down a notch.  More befitting to an aged old doll.
Then perhaps a scattering of some small worn buttons??

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


What do you think of this?
I think of my youngest daughter's, and now son-in-law's, wedding.  
A warm and lovely summer afternoon and evening.
In a beautiful garden.  On an organic farm and vineyard. 
A very unique land.  Flower and vegetable gardens scattered and hidden all about.
Oh and you could hear them whispering . . asking themselves . . you could . .  
"What will I find down this twistting narrow path, or through that gracefully fetching arbor,
or over this little beckoning bridge?"  
Follow me.   And behold.  A marvelously mellowed yellowed roadster in all of its retiring glory. . 
Coincidently, the best man's name was Evan.  He - a bit too wonderfully hellish to have come aboard this little heaven train.
Was it a memorial? 
Was it hiding . . its tarnished body not quite up to the constant parade of stylish gardeny guests?
Were orchids about to burst up from its center and do their tranquil dance as only orchids can do?
Well, what do You think?

Friday, January 4, 2013


 Poor Frances.
Once again dismayed . . no horrified . . at the site upon the shelf.
More Unfinished Doll Bodies have appeared.
She without her own legs for soooo long now, has lost her faith in me.
Even though, Frances,  I have completed a number of doll patterns since I long ago abandoned you.  
Have a little faith why don't you.
So with all of the patterns I need to complete, I decided to spend my time on a new doll.
I think it will be the goofier one on the left.  Gotta hurry.  
But poor Frances.
Send her your sympathies if you feel so inclined.
Or . . perhaps some legs!