Monday, August 26, 2013


The Eureka, Ca. guild, REQG, does not live down to its small city surroundings.  Big is their style.  Every other year they provide their community and beyond, with an unbelievable quilt show.  This year's vendors came from far and wide . . most likely hearing of the show's past successes.  Or I suppose it could have been that incredible, expansive vendor buffet on preview night.  We couldn't get over that.
Happily it was a busy two days.  I didn't even make it to many other booths.   Thanks to Sue however, there are some quilt pictures.  And thanks to Susie and Cheryl, they are identified.
Featured Quilters -  Judy DeGraff and Susie Freese
Both are proficient and prolific quilters.  Not shy in giving of themselves, they spend endless hours volunteering for numerous charity projects.
Susie not only has her own quilting business, Susie Sews, but also quilts for charity - hundreds of quilts yearly.  Fun gals too.  What perfect choices.

Here are just a few of the magnificent quilts that were on display.
by Leslie Reid - Gradients  
by Wanda Vaughn - Glacier Star
Annette - Greek Keys

Annette was lucky enough to take one of Sally Frey's (Kenmar Designs) retreats. It was called "Greek Keys" inspired by the white homes of Greece and the surrounding Meditteranean . . 
so very tranquil . . so very blue.
   However, Annette is more inspired to create with the bright colors of the tropics and beautiful Asian fabrics - so called her quilt "Keys to the Orient".
The spirally block is the Greek key design that can be seen on all of the ancient (and modern) Greek architecture.

Suzie Piazza -- Follow The Leader
Kemset Moore - 9 Patch Log Cabin

Picture does not do it justice.  

Oh Daiwabos!
How we love you
love you
love you.
Was small but one of my favorites.

This little fabric chest was nothing but awesome.  Loved the little ballerina with an ATTITUDE! (Cheryl)   Best described by Cheryl herself below.  (BTW. . That very unique curved table runner, beneath the chest, was made by Pat Reeves.)
Cheryl Pekar - Happy 60th Birthday
"I made the Treasure Chest for my 60th birthday after finding a note from my mother (who died  7 years ago) saying Happy 60th Birthday  Almost up there with me.  I have no idea where it came from or when she wrote it but when I found it about 3 months before my birthday knew I had to do something with it.  I started compiling photos and other collectibles (which are on the back sides of the photos…things like class rings, necklace from a boyfriend, awards, etc.).  It is just a momento box for me and I have added some other things to it since it returned home."

Thanks for that Cheryl.  And thank you all very much for visiting.  Recently went with a friend to another little wonderful quiltylicious localish show.  No work involved.  Enjoyed it immensely and have a slideshow of the shop and the outdoor quilts coming very soon.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Traveling up and down the west coast to quilt shows, it is always great to find a better than average coffee/tea shop.
Atascadero has one.
bru - Atascadero, Ca.
The owner has a fancy for sperm whales.  This hooked whale was
at least
8 feet long.  Could have been 6.
BIG . . tho short of their actual average length of 52 feet.  
Sperm whales are the largest of the toothed whales.
The sperm whale's head can comprise up to one third their length.
Sperm whales plunge as far as 3 kilometers - 9,800 feet - to dine on giant squid.
And they can live to be 70 years old.
Those are some Great Big Facts right?
And here are some facts about rug hooking . . and me.
 * I learned to rug hook in a class during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.
** I miss rug hooking.  
*** my favorite rug hooked project was this. . .
**** And one last fact . . I still have the purse and even use it occasionally.
Let me know if you have any idea when I might be able to do a little hooking again.
If you say . . .  
"Whenever you make time to do it !!"
. . I will pout.