Monday, April 8, 2013


Oh . . hey . . HI!
No one can believe it .
but we are already one year old.
Mommy gave us first dibs . . she's the BEST!

Hey . . Who took that cake?!
What?! . . yer sayin' another whole year?

Saturday, April 6, 2013


The repeated days trapped in my booth finally got to her.  I could tell something was up when those jaunts to the restroom grew in length.  Ah hah!  Finally she returns with her finds.  Bitten by the Fabric Bug at last . .  and we all know what that nip feels like.   I loved her choices.
Fresh !
And more impressively, not long after I returned home from the show I received these pictures.
Made from our pattern  - BAG IT.

Laurie is thee greatest help in my booth when I travel to the North West.
But never did she let on that she was such a proficient SEWer girl.  Just casually mentioned that she had not sewn in years.  Isn't contagious a good word in this story?

And I was warmed by her added note . .  
"Thanks for bringing sewing back to me."

The kind of thing that makes you want to keep the fingers to the drawing board.  And the needle to the cloth.
The spirit of sewing shared.
Stitch _ _Stitch _ _Stitch _ _ _
Hear the heart sing.