Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Part of Saltbox Angel - Class Project
Hope you had some stitching fun today.  I did.  Finishing up this little Saltbox Angel.
I'm part way thru my 3 year plan to reduce vending at so many shows and increase time for design . . .  and to get back to teaching wool appliqué classes occasionally.   Working on some simple projects that can be completed in a one day class.  
This is part of Saltbox Angel, almost done.  At a later date there will also be an expanded version of the pattern and i will put it on the website.  
I used to love to teach classes and lately have been missing it.  I often learn more than i teach . . not to mention the fun.   Possibly i'll announce a class in Northern CA. Santa Rosa area in August but that has not yet been confirmed . . have lost my touch at scheduling things ahead.    

Also finishing up those instructions for Wickedy Jig. 
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Stitch On!

Monday, July 11, 2016

W i c k e d y   J i g
Coming Soon - Wool Appliqué Wall Hanging
Jiggity Jack and the Little Witch that thinks she's a Queen!
A little sneak peek portion of the wall hanging is shown below.

Since the last free giveaway was on our Facebook Page
We'll have this pattern drawing here on the Blog.
Still have to write up the pattern.  This one is guaranteed FUN.

Just a little sneak peek portion of the upcoming pattern Wickedy Jig.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Pincushion Duo Pattern - WIN IT + THE KIT!
If you would like a chance to win this new PATTERN PLUS a KIT for the Mini Flower Pincushion (shown bottom left in photo),  please visit Reets Facebook Page and look for the Drawing Post.  You will see this same photo in the post.  Instructions to enter drawing will be listed there.   We will still be having drawings here on the blog in the future . .  just in case you do not follow Facebook.
Random drawing winner will be announced Friday morning, 7.8.16 on FB.

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New things have been added to our "Fun Accessories" page on Reets Website  . . as well as some Hand-Dyed Linens.  

Website Shipping  - I have changed our shipping charges to be calculated by weight.  Most of our items are light weight so this should help a great deal . . especially when ordering multiples of small items.  Patterns remain Free Shipping as always.

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New pattern coming soon . . Wickedy Jig . . . can you guess?
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