Friday, March 23, 2012


Well I told the twin grandbabies to take their time in there with Momma all around . . so to speak.  I explained that I needed just a bit more time to finish their quilts.  They are such patient little girls.  The quilts are now finished.   So.  Our arms are open!  I promised them i would not make identical quilts.  What fun is that anyway.  For one I used the Cut-and-Turn block that I showed you in a post last Nov. 19th.   It was a demo at our quilt guild meeting.  The other was an adorable fabric that I found at my friend Sandi's quilt shop in Ashland Oregon. . . Fabric of Vision.  Then I rushed them to All Washed Up Quilts to be quilted.  I left very little instruction since they are the quilters and I am not.  They hit it!  I love the whimsical magic they used to transform these quilts.
Anyway.  here are some pics.  And I'm sure that when the grandbabes see these they'll come a flying out - to get First Pick! 

Just loved this little print.
Bit of a "cheater" pattern.
The picture of the quilt back seems to have gotten lost somewhere.  I just wrapped the backing around to the front to create a simple binding.
That was easy!
Both quilts are bigger than the normal crib size.

I like the back too don't you?!  Momma likes modern fabric
so i sacrificed my last piece of an old favorite from Amy Butler.
Looks much better here than crammed in that fabric cabinet!
Used the Cut-and-Turn Blocks in two
colors and then an adorable little girl
solid block for the alternate.

 For the simple Cut-and-Turn Block instructions just go to my old post dated November 19, 2011.   Or click on the link at the beginning of this post.    The previous post provides a much better contrast of colors and also shows how to execute the block.