Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hi's Woolbert.  I have some exciting news.
Reets isn't much of a shepherdess so she always buys her tiny curl fleece from someone else.  Last time it came unwashed...that was many many months ago.  Today was a miracle.  Finally...she overcame her fear and washed the thing.  Big Wooly Bully Deal I say!  Oh well...just so she never heads my way with any shearing scissors.   Freaky!

Well...Woolbert just does not understand that in the first place tiny curl is almost impossible to find. And then when you wash it, you can barely touch it.  Scaredy as I am, I was forced to do it myself as my friend Carin is just never home long enough to lend her expertise. But when in doubt, look online!  Losing Our Shirts, Keeping The Farm...Love the name!  And loved their blog with a wonderful fleece washing tutorial.  Go see if need be.  Made it sooo simple. 
kinda dirty...

I took the "clean" pic after my first batch.  For the following batches i placed the fleece on some flexible mesh in the water so that i didn't have to handle it as much.  I think it preserved the curl a bit better.  This process is way easier than I thought..thanks to Keeping The Farm!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Just a couple of pics from our daughter's recent wedding.  More to come.  Busy getting ready for Tacoma show now.  The wedding was more wonderful, more joyous, and more fun, than any of us could have ever imagined.

Lucky In Love - Zoom Photography gals were incredible...
and very zoomy!
Lilanya the Bride

They celebrated their vows in a dreamy Mendocino vineyard.  Beautiful gardens everywhere.
And a superb
Dance Floor!  Yes...