Thursday, June 30, 2011


Look at my youngest daughter's Big Catch!
No...Not the fish.   That GUY to her right!
That was last year in Mexico...the fish is real by the way.  And the WEDDING...
is la little over one week away.   
(Mother's note:  She had better scarifice catching the biggest fish or a divorce might follow.)
My daughter is so organized that the day after her engagement party last summer, she had us gather to make hundreds of jars of strawberry jam to give as wedding favors.
I'm sure she is too busy to be reading this now so I can tell you how excited I am that I just took their quilt that I FINISHED IN be quilted.   Doing their three initials on blocks arranged helter skelter style. 
 Why can't their initials   L  A  M   not also stand for Love And Marriage.  They Can.  They Do.
 Have never made a larger size quilt.  Will show you later.  

She chose that fan fabric last year
while helping me at a quilt show.
Never had a clue it was for a wedding quilt.
I picked out the others shown with it.
Letter L..too big for the scanner so the right side
is missing.   This was a reject.  Sewed the Ls backwards.
Oops.   Had a number of rejects...almost enough for
another quilt.  The letters were easy to put into block form.   

Saturday, June 18, 2011


No don't look Sophie!   Don't Look Behind You!!  Reets has  abandoned
ANOTHER one of us.  AGHHH! has a POINTED HEAD!!
Remember those two empty noggins...yes way back last December it was.
Well there they still sit unfinished.  And now this freaky thing.
We are nothing but Reets' UFO Cemetery.   Plug your ears...I'm going to SCREAM!   

Oh those girls..
Remember Sophie and Frances?   Last December they posted such uncharitable things about me here.  Go back and check out Older Posts, if you missed their petty little rant.   They just have no faith in me.   Little do they know, that pointed head now has a hat.  And a face.   And everything she needs to be my little Scream Punk Witch.  My version of Steam Punk.  And she be very FINISHED.   So There least you got the "Scream" thing right.  

Scream Punk Abby - Quite Complete!