Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello Again

It is amazing to me that with a family of this size, we have had very few family emergencies.   I am finally returning from just that.   Things have mellowed and it seems our middle child is going to be ok.
Thankful thankful.   I'll leave it at that.   
And now I scramble to try and still make it to Market in SLC.
I think I can I know I can I think I can...and so it goes.   One week remains.
I did make a promise to you though and will take the time to at least make that good.  Woolbert is so excited that, after many years, his little wool block has been put into a quilt.  He is here to give away a free copy of his new Wool Sampler Quilt pattern.   He'll tell you how below.  
You have until MONDAY MORNING, 5.2.11 to leave a comment and be eligible.
Hi Friends! If you would like to win the new
Wool Sampler Quilt.  All that you have to do
is leave a comment to this post.  Tell
me how gorgeous I am or something.  Reets
and Company will draw a lucky winner.
Love and good luck...Woolbert.
Look!  That's me up in the
top corner!  Gotta love
this one.  Hope you win!