Thursday, June 27, 2013


Black . . or Midnight Blue?   Tried hard to like the Midnight better.  And I DO love Midnight Blue but alas, the little snowman spoke up louder on his Black background.   Well this will be only one ornament in four.  So Midnight still has a chance.   
Needs some snowflakes tho right?
Must have these done soon for the next show in Redmond Oregon.   It is only two weeks away.
Thursday July 11 thru Sunday July 14
It runs for four days and is the same time as the nearby Sisters Outdoor Show.   First year for this vendor-rich expo.  Click on the picture below to go to Oregon Summer Quilt Expo's website . . and there they will provide you with a coupon for a $3 discount - $12 for the four days.   Classes available also.  Please come visit us in our booth and unbury us from our piles and piles of hand dyed wools and bolt wools and wool flosses and yarn dyed woven cottons and hand dyed woven cottons . . and a few other new surprises.   Going to be a fun weekend in Oregon.  Love that place!

Also working on a larger project using some new wool colors.  It is challenging me . . to say the least.
Tweaking this and tweaking that and stir the pot and peek and stir and peek again and in the end will this days tweakiness bring on a happy face or will a pout come out. 
You just never know for sure.
The magic . .  of the hand dyed pot.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


No . . Teardrop!  And in this case . . .
it is Raindrop.  The Little Teardrop That Could.
But back to the beginning.  Thinking quilt shows from the past, many might remember
Collett Fenske Hand Dyed Fabrics.  She knew how to splash up a booth in a few easy steps.          Color
Now you remember?

She has since gone on to take over a local Honey Business.  The honey with the yellow lid . . not abandoning her colorful ways of course.  Another long time dream of Collett's was to own and roam in,  a teardrop trailer.  I have known Collett for many years, and she has always been one to pursue her dreams.   So please meet
Raindrop . . and her owner, Wilderness Woman

Oh and then there is Camper Sue . . who had to admit to feelings of envy.

Raindrop Arrives!

First outing - Test run at Kamp Klamath

 A peak inside?
She may not sell hand dyeds anymore but has certainly not stopped dressing up her life with them.  Accessories. . All Vintage!

oh . . . well . . . those feelings of envy I mentioned?
i'm feeling them.  
Oh yes . . take me to a
Teardrop . . NOW!

What are you feelin'? 

Friday, June 7, 2013


You don't mind me catching up a bit i hope.  Portland Market was nearly a month ago and we have already gone to and returned from another show.  But Market was fun and I meant to share.  So . .

 We were set up the first day so were fancy free all during day two.  Debbie and Jeff (Wooden Spool Designs) directed us to Monticello.  GO!  I was so excited that it never occurred to me to take a picture of this marvelous place, until we were driving away.   Huge and with the entire backside of the building being their antique garden center.  Oh my . . bring me a semi will ya?

Joan and Debbie and John headed back to the convention center for Sample Spree but wine and dinner sounded better to Kathi and I.   Visited one of my favorite McMenamins in Troutsdale - Edgefield.  The Poor Farm.  Quite a history.   And thank you Troutsdale Historical Society for preventing the county from completely demolishing every single building.  Imagine that.  Go visit and you will thank them too.

This is the main lodge.  And in front,
a very intriqueing sculpture. He wanted to come home with me. . . I'm quite sure of it.
Yum - One of the numerous dining places
at Edgefield.  Was soooo good!
Kathi and Primitive Man

The Enchanted Path
Botanical Fortress

All fine evenings deserve a work day to follow . . i guess.   Off to Market next morning.
Home sweet home for the next three days.  And lots of terrific eateries in the evenings!
We were all booth neighbors.  More fun that way.  My camera did not make it very far.  Wooden Spool's awesome booth was just down the way and you should kick me for not getting you a shot.
Suzanne - Suzanne's Art House
Kathi & Joan - Bits & Pieces By Joan
Kathi - Heart To Hand
and me too - Reets
Market just amazes me.  Wish there was time for more pictures. 
Hope you liked!