Thursday, June 13, 2013


No . . Teardrop!  And in this case . . .
it is Raindrop.  The Little Teardrop That Could.
But back to the beginning.  Thinking quilt shows from the past, many might remember
Collett Fenske Hand Dyed Fabrics.  She knew how to splash up a booth in a few easy steps.          Color
Now you remember?

She has since gone on to take over a local Honey Business.  The honey with the yellow lid . . not abandoning her colorful ways of course.  Another long time dream of Collett's was to own and roam in,  a teardrop trailer.  I have known Collett for many years, and she has always been one to pursue her dreams.   So please meet
Raindrop . . and her owner, Wilderness Woman

Oh and then there is Camper Sue . . who had to admit to feelings of envy.

Raindrop Arrives!

First outing - Test run at Kamp Klamath

 A peak inside?
She may not sell hand dyeds anymore but has certainly not stopped dressing up her life with them.  Accessories. . All Vintage!

oh . . . well . . . those feelings of envy I mentioned?
i'm feeling them.  
Oh yes . . take me to a
Teardrop . . NOW!

What are you feelin'? 


  1. Collett has got to be one one wild and crazy woman. What a sensational job. My only concern is that it isn't big enough for me to come along her and ditch this boring husband of mine who doesn't want to have any fun. Go crazy out there on the road. Sarah Loves- the-Road from San Diego

  2. A woman after my own heart! Life unencumbered...add a few hand projects and I would be in heaven!

  3. Totally awesome rig and set up! You go girl!! I want to hear all the details when you get back.

  4. I have wanted one for a would tow perfectly behind my car. And many hand projects could be stowed away.

  5. Oh, all of we stitcher girls have the same idea . . pack it up with hand projects. Sounds like heaven to me too. . .Stitchers Caravan!!

  6. Wilderness woman, I have been looking for you my entire life. My wife showed me your photos. I tried to talk her into buying one of these for us, but she said she wouldn't want to be cooped up with me in anything smaller than a large truck. George from Montana

  7. LOVE the Teardrop!!! So perfect - and what great condition!!! Just like in the Oregon Museum in Portland. Looks fabulous and I'm ready to go - yes - with projects in tow.

  8. WE LOVE those Teardrop trailers! They make me feel nostalgic and adventurous all at once. Note to Janet above: you'll need a second teardrop to carry your projects (and supplies!). ;)

  9. Ha ha!!! Agreed Lulu! I think Reets would agree!

    1. Lulu is soooo right about that. But I love your projects! Keep on stitching everyone.