Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Thank you Farmer . . for all these feasty foods" they said.
"We will share them with our friends and family
come Thanksgiving Day."
And so they did . . so many years ago.

One of the good stories . . that repeats itself.
So thank you Farmers once again
And thank you Earth
and thank you Friends
for all the Blessings we have known
and all the love that we've been shown
Thank you

Monday, November 24, 2014


I hope that everyone read all of the comments . . some, touching, heart warming, funny, and many stories about stitching together.
Many thanks to all of you for your comments and for signing up to Follow along.
The two Follower Winners are (decided to do 2 each):   Maria Neill and Sandi Henschel.
The two Comment Winners are:  Barbara M   and
Linda - member of the Woolberries . .gotta love that name right?
Please email me with your mailing address and let me know which of the patterns below, shown in the previous post,  you would like to receive as your free gift.
Next week we have some more goodies to pass along so stay tuned.  Thanks again!
It's St. Nicholas
Pincushion Trio
Mini Scissors Case
Sing A Little Song

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Betty, a long-time wool lover whose Quilting Bee, some years ago, overflowed with the most wonderful primitive goods, patterns and wools, now gathers together many hands who love to stitch.  What fun they have . . and often.  They have Spargonian, Maggie B, Prairie Women, and Girl Gang Days.  And I am so very flattered . . recently they have added a Reets Day.  Imagine that!  Below are photos of their first Reets meet and the beautiful stitching they have done.  Together!  Wish they lived in my neighborhood . . don't you?  If you want to get better acquainted with this expressive group and see what they are up to, visit Betty's Blog.

And why not give away a couple of these patterns?  You can choose.  Leave a comment about
"Stitchin' Together"
Two Random Drawn Winners announced here Monday After Noon, Nov.24, 2014.
 One winner from Comments - One winner from Followers.  (Double your chances and sign up.)

Sincere thanks to you Betty, and to each one of you for sharing your wonderful works. 
LOVE each and every one of them.
Mini Scissors & Needle Case
I Love To Stitch
Snowman Dance Bellringer
It's St. Nicholas and Mini Scissors Case 
Pincushion Trio
Sing A Little Song Wall Hanging & Mat

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Some days, while sitting in my booth, there is a parade of unbelievably beautiful apparel and accessories.  On occasion i'm able to snap a photo or two.  Diane was in my booth last year picking out more woven cottons . . mostly Daiwabos.  Her hand made bag told us that she had great things in mind for her new purchases.  Isn't this an awesome tote?  (And isn't she adorable?)

This year . . back again.  Dressed to the T (what does that mean anyway?)  Never would I have thought to put PINK with Japanese wovens but look at this bag !! I wish the photo showed this but the flowers on this one are actually dimensional. . very tastefully stuffed that is.  It was wonderful.  Think she bought some of our special woven stripes this time . . can't wait til next year.
Thank you Diane!

Then . . the garment show began.  Take a look at this gorgeous sweater.  It is WOOL!
Incredible knitting .  . Talented woman.  We'll be watching for her next year also.

 Did i say that 

You really need a better look so be sure to click on one of the pictures for a close up.

Wonder what this next show will bring.
Lots of artistic talent in Sacramento!