Monday, November 29, 2010

Bliggety Bloggety Boo! Welcome to my Web...log

This is my Web...Please come in!

I read my first blog just months ago while staying with a friend during a quilt show..she being an enthusiastic follower.  We sat on the couch chatting like schoolgirls...I loved it.  Then, as she flipped open her laptop, an animated, an amiable, a very luminous world, enveloped us.   It was like the schoolgirls had just stepped onto the playground and it was full of chatter and it was full of activity and friendly faces and there was laughter...yes, I remember plenty of laughter.   Information wore a brilliant crown and was being enthusiastically passed around from neighbor to royal neighbor.  And in a joyful way.  For me...a new orbit.  Uh oh.
Stepping back just a bit.   For the last few years customers and friends had urged me to begin a blog, mainly because those newsletters on the website became so far apart that they could no longer reach each other...stretch out their woeful arms as they may, they lost the battle for continuity.   It seemed I was always on the road anymore...those shows.  And my News files became piles and they were filled with pictures and they were loaded with information that good folks were wanting to share with you through the newsletter.  And then I saw that my last Ramblin Rag was dated almost ONE YEAR AGO!
So. The web begins.  And I am committed to becoming a more proficient weaver.  Won't be here every single day nope.   But neither will you.  Let's just get together as often as possible.
The web picture above is one that I took a while back in my yard.  My how it glistened in the morning sun and I do wish that you could see that part. Here are a couple more pics taken that same crisp morning.

Well that is the end of the beginning for as one ear hears the clicking of the keypad slowing to a halt, the other hears the impatient snipping of scissors urging the fingers to fill their handles and make them more useful.
I'll say it again...Welcome.  Feel free to be a subscriber or a commenter or a follower or whatever any of those things are.  I have not yet figured any of them out but you probably have.
         Until next time then...keep it kindly,