Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On The Road Again Creations

Love it when you send me pictures of items you have created from our patterns.
And love it even more when I actually get them posted.
Below are some of the pouches created by Beth and her mother from our pattern
Thank you Beth.  Love your fabric choices.
She was nice enough to add a note...see below.

"I wanted to show you the 9” zippered stand up pouches mom and I made from the pattern you sent me.  I’m going to visit my friend in FL, so I made her and her mother one for letting me stay with them.  I cut everything, sewed the buttons and did the finishing hand stitching.  Mom sewed it together for me on her machine.  I didn’t do the quilting stitch, but I am very happy how they came out.  We went to our craft store yesterday and I picked out the buttons and fabrics.  It was a fun day."

Love the nifty little buttons she added in the corner!

Here is a picture of the actual pattern
cover for On The Road Again 2
Wanted to show you the little
wool version of the same pouch.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frenz Gallery - Gary's Sock

I'm always delighted when you send me pictures of your creations made from one of our patterns.  Hoping the new blog enables me to share them with everyone in a more timely fashion.  Below is a stocking made from our pattern Better Not Pout.   I thought this was a very clever idea.  Read what Donna had to say about her adaptation of the pattern below. We have also added it to our Frenz Gallery on our website.
Thank you Donna!
Better Not Pout Stocking
"This is a picture of the sock that I made
with the kit that I bought last year at the
NW Quilt show.  I thought you might
enjoy seeing how I changed it to fit my
fisherman friend."
 Donna Strom

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Wool Santa

I gave my little wool santa a new forrest this year on the buffet.  
I don't know...will he deliver the goods?  He looks like he wants to stay right there among those glistening boughs forever.
Deary me, I hope that I have not caused a problem with any expected deliveries.

He is from our pattern
He is only about 12 inches tall. Don't you love his basket of glittery bells?
I want his leather bag.  Really is only painted and antiqued muslin.
He is so very proud of that bag so let's just keep that information between you and me.

Here is another of my favorite this year.
Look at that urn.  I found it on my way home from a of those favorite little shops that you just simply must pop into.  No matter how badly you want to be chugging up that last little hill, rounding that one last bend, and seeing that warmy wonderful front door.  With the cats waiting presumptuously on the front porch.  And someone inside is perhaps making hot chocolate..with whipped cream.  No none of that matters.  That anticipation leaves you like a bat with frenetic wings... when you see that exit sign for that little shop that absolutely cannot be omitted from your travel.
That is what happened on that day.  That day I was a winner.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Napkins - Be Green Be Clothy

I guess I could have left that preachy little "Be Green" out huh?
I bought some very clever Christmas tree napkins at a recent craft fair.  I wished I had bought more of them for gifts so decided to try and stitch some up.  They are basically just a half circle using two contrasting fabrics...stitch them right sides together, turn, press, fold accordion style.   Just do a Search for Christmas Tree Napkin and you will find free patterns for them in both video and pdf formats.  The napkins online did a nice job adding rick rack but I omitted that, as you can see below.
I could not scan the entire half circle...
I had to fold it in half.  What you are seeing
is a quarter circle.

Cheery little thing isn't it?
I made some in the reverse direction also.
You know, looking at them now, I believe my folding is a bit askew.  The napkins I purchased and the free online patterns have a preferred folding...pretty sure.
I will have to go refold  and repress mine.
Anyway, I cannot wait to make a stack, tie them together with some favorite ribbon and wrap them up.   So I'm off fabrics are calling.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Go Tell It On The Hillside, A Childrens' Faire Is Born.

This past weekend, on a crisp sprinkly morning,
I drove deeper into the countryside.

And In these hills..

Beneath this rolling fog..

I entered an enchanted little village.  Really it was a school.
One known in our area for hosting events that freshen you with their creativity.
And these..are the things..that i saw.
You know that something good is beyond these doors.

I told you so.

A bag of dirt.  A branch.  A few gloriously simple ornaments.
Is there a better way to say Happy Holidays?

Chiidrens Art.   Brilliant Tiles.   A Quilted Wall Does Make.

This charming holiday craft faire had plenty of talented crafters.
Children and adults as well.
Below are they, and some of their wares.
Let me first apologize though.. for some of my pictures did not come true.
I am not yet well acquainted with the digital camera.

Young fimo artist with cleverly displayed ornaments.

Be still my heart...WOOL and so wonderfully felted by this little fella.

All could join the beading table.  Look
at the Star of Zephyr. 

I will never know...was it her sweetness or just the sheer beauty of these hand-crafted
hollow egg ornaments.  But here is the artist and the ornament I chose.   It hangs prominently beneath my vehicles rear view mirror.
One should always festify ones wheels.

A young knitter wastes no time while selling her knitty goods.  I was so taken with the knitted dress she wore, which I assume she knit herself, that I forgot to snap a picture of all her lovely items.
 Oh well..the dress speaks a thousand pictures.

Oh you don't say...I recognize those cards..

That is my friend Sue.  No not up there...Down there.
She is a photographer.
Through My Lens
That is the name of her business.   She takes incredilbe pictures and creates cards with many of them.   Her husband Don pens the quotes on the back...each and every one so very apropos.  We hope to have some available on our website soon.

And they are also both knitters, crafters and stitchers and do all of these things
 in the most original ways.

And this is the famous spoon man..George.
Occasionally he takes a break from selling and does a little 
salsa dancing with a customer or two.

There were singers and dancers and musicians of all young ages.
Capitol letters mean that I LOVE the ACCORDIAN.
Thank you little accordian player.
It is the kind of gathering that you know sends everyone home in a happy way.
Come to think of it..I was still feeling pretty happy the next day.
I hope that next year you can come.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aunt Bernie's Calendar

Brrrrrrrr.   The cold turned right around and snapped at the little spell of warmth we were enjoying.   So I am remembering how joyful it was last week, to  turn my Aunt Bernie's calendar to December.  An aged picture appeared and my four cousins arrived on their sleds.  The snow flew furiously...awakening so many childhood memories.
Have you ever been to Pennsylvania?
Brrrrrr.  Put on your coat and hat and peek below. 
The Horton Boys Arrive!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Heads Are Better Than One??

Two heads are better than one!
     No they aren't!
Yes they are!!!
     No they AREN'T!!!
Shut up!!
     No you SHUT UP!!!

Oh girls girls please...I heard you all the way out on the porch.  
They don't even have their mouths yet and already they are sqwarbeling.  I'm turning off the audio so as not to disturb you with this recurring nonsense - because sure as sugar, as you read, they are still at it.
It's like this. I start on a new doll.  Not happy with the first head.  Make a second. (sometimes a third ..fourth.. fifth and so on)  Leave them sit for a day or two.  The battle begins.  Most always it's the inferior one proclaiming two heads are better...meaning she wants me to use both and make two dolls.  Well.  No one wants to be discarded I understand that.  Still, no less irritating.   At this point I am favoring the weirder one.   What the jump..they're both pretty weird.
Well, I will contemplate the figures in between the little wool squares I am working on.  Perhaps it will take a few nose stitches on each or a very mindful placement of some mouths.  Or perhaps I will just choose the one that shuts up first.   One will return to meet you later.  But only one, because I have decided..  One head is better than two.

"Reets is such a bag of wind isn't she?  We have been sitting on this
shelf for over FOUR YEARS.   Unfinished and unattended.  She hasn't even noticed that I'm sticking
my tongue out at her."    "Yah and she tosses this 1800's scrim and satin bonnet over MY head so I'll
think I'm eloquent or something.  Did you hear her saying about those faceless babes up there that she
'leaves them sit for a DAY or two.'
"HUH!  How about a DECADE or two.   Humpff..If she ever does give me legs I'm going to give her a
big ole kick in that royal rump of hers.  I am!"
"Oh..Oh!!  And remember that hideous Halloween thing she made...the one she made
13 heads for?
Remember them?!!  She pondered over those things for they were WORTH something.  They weren't worth a bag of beans.  And they ALL looked the SAME!  Oh..oh...and THEN ..then she chose the very first one she made.   Look, some of them are still tossed over there on that old armoire."

Oh..Thanks for noticing us girls. Raggy Reets abandoned us.  And PLEASE do tell us, just HOW that one
down there is any better looking than any one of US?!!  I'll give you a singing sack of candy corn if you can!
We're every bit as gorgeous as she.  And she got the wand and the legs and the shoes and
then the TITLE.  The QUEEEEEN  of  HalloWEEE-EEEN! 
 The Hag. 

Oh my,  The sorry sagas a Queen  must lend her ears to.
I think I'll have some tea.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bliggety Bloggety Boo! Welcome to my Web...log

This is my Web...Please come in!

I read my first blog just months ago while staying with a friend during a quilt show..she being an enthusiastic follower.  We sat on the couch chatting like schoolgirls...I loved it.  Then, as she flipped open her laptop, an animated, an amiable, a very luminous world, enveloped us.   It was like the schoolgirls had just stepped onto the playground and it was full of chatter and it was full of activity and friendly faces and there was laughter...yes, I remember plenty of laughter.   Information wore a brilliant crown and was being enthusiastically passed around from neighbor to royal neighbor.  And in a joyful way.  For me...a new orbit.  Uh oh.
Stepping back just a bit.   For the last few years customers and friends had urged me to begin a blog, mainly because those newsletters on the website became so far apart that they could no longer reach each other...stretch out their woeful arms as they may, they lost the battle for continuity.   It seemed I was always on the road anymore...those shows.  And my News files became piles and they were filled with pictures and they were loaded with information that good folks were wanting to share with you through the newsletter.  And then I saw that my last Ramblin Rag was dated almost ONE YEAR AGO!
So. The web begins.  And I am committed to becoming a more proficient weaver.  Won't be here every single day nope.   But neither will you.  Let's just get together as often as possible.
The web picture above is one that I took a while back in my yard.  My how it glistened in the morning sun and I do wish that you could see that part. Here are a couple more pics taken that same crisp morning.

Well that is the end of the beginning for as one ear hears the clicking of the keypad slowing to a halt, the other hears the impatient snipping of scissors urging the fingers to fill their handles and make them more useful.
I'll say it again...Welcome.  Feel free to be a subscriber or a commenter or a follower or whatever any of those things are.  I have not yet figured any of them out but you probably have.
         Until next time then...keep it kindly,