Thursday, December 16, 2010

Little Wool Santa

I gave my little wool santa a new forrest this year on the buffet.  
I don't know...will he deliver the goods?  He looks like he wants to stay right there among those glistening boughs forever.
Deary me, I hope that I have not caused a problem with any expected deliveries.

He is from our pattern
He is only about 12 inches tall. Don't you love his basket of glittery bells?
I want his leather bag.  Really is only painted and antiqued muslin.
He is so very proud of that bag so let's just keep that information between you and me.

Here is another of my favorite this year.
Look at that urn.  I found it on my way home from a of those favorite little shops that you just simply must pop into.  No matter how badly you want to be chugging up that last little hill, rounding that one last bend, and seeing that warmy wonderful front door.  With the cats waiting presumptuously on the front porch.  And someone inside is perhaps making hot chocolate..with whipped cream.  No none of that matters.  That anticipation leaves you like a bat with frenetic wings... when you see that exit sign for that little shop that absolutely cannot be omitted from your travel.
That is what happened on that day.  That day I was a winner.


  1. Santa is awesome.. I love everything about him.
    And the little tree is to die for...........

  2. I love your Santa, Rita, and everything else you do!

  3. Love that little Santa - perfect with those trees - they all look vintage. That urn is wonderful - isn't it great to have those kind of fun shops?