Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree Napkins - Be Green Be Clothy

I guess I could have left that preachy little "Be Green" out huh?
I bought some very clever Christmas tree napkins at a recent craft fair.  I wished I had bought more of them for gifts so decided to try and stitch some up.  They are basically just a half circle using two contrasting fabrics...stitch them right sides together, turn, press, fold accordion style.   Just do a Search for Christmas Tree Napkin and you will find free patterns for them in both video and pdf formats.  The napkins online did a nice job adding rick rack but I omitted that, as you can see below.
I could not scan the entire half circle...
I had to fold it in half.  What you are seeing
is a quarter circle.

Cheery little thing isn't it?
I made some in the reverse direction also.
You know, looking at them now, I believe my folding is a bit askew.  The napkins I purchased and the free online patterns have a preferred folding...pretty sure.
I will have to go refold  and repress mine.
Anyway, I cannot wait to make a stack, tie them together with some favorite ribbon and wrap them up.   So I'm off fabrics are calling.

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