Sunday, August 12, 2012


Maybe you don't know this but we get scorching days in the redwoods.  It doesn't seem fitting but it certainly happens.  It happened today and though not a great day for dyeing wool, I could put it off no longer.  A new Midnight Blue jumped out of the pot.  Do you like it?
OH!  I see it is not appearing true.  Looks so much prettier in person.
So much for the new scanner.  Or I think rather, the scanner person.
That Blue is begging to be a background . .  right?

So then, how about Witchie.  She is a preview to a new Halloween pattern coming your way soon.   Hopefully will be done by the time I leave for the Tacoma show next Tuesday.   Any bets?
If only you just had to design to run a business.  Ok.  Enough boo hooing - I heard ya.

Oh Miz Witchie . . . Will you  will you will you . . have some Spookster friends perhaps?  
I am thinking yes.  And I do so love your Moonglow Halloween Yellow background.
Is that new Miz Witchie?  I say . . . did you drag that in from the depths of the Hollows?
And what more shall you bring My Dearie?


  1. The blue is gorgeous! The shade on the computer is good, too. Perhaps Miz Witchie should have Mr. Black Cat?

    1. Oh there just may be a little black cat tagging along. Possibly a pumpkin princess too... The parade is coming around the corner soon!