Monday, February 7, 2011

Stitching Guides, Tutorials, Videos

Folsom Show ever so close.  Don't come visit right now...there's nary a path!   I have just a moment though to share a website that is a wonderful source for all of your embroidery stitches.   I used to reference a site in all of my patterns but have learned it is no longer found.   So if you are stitch searching go to Mary Corbett's website and find yourself in stitchery heaven.   She walks and talks you through a zillion different stitches no matter how simple or how complex.   Super site!

Loved one of her recent posts as she was working with wool threads.  

All for today...back to ripping wool.  See you in Folsom if I'm lucky!

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  1. Thanks for the reference - I'll have to check her out. Lovely work.