Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Woolbert Gives A Peek

Have you met Woolbert?
Choice is not a factor.  He insisted on being introduced.
He's one of our little hang-arounds...frequently sauntering into the stitching room and snooping to see what's new...made from his coat.  Considers himself to be a pivotal figure about the place.  Approving new hand dyed colors...seeing that they are mixed congenially
...things like that.
All of the little squares are finished now (oh...and approved).  They must be joined together and the pattern written and our little wool sampler quilt will be ready to share.
When I get the pattern give-aways going, this pattern will likely be one of them!
Woolbert was quite anxious and insistent that he give you a sneak peek. 
Though a meddler..he really is a very sharing and caring little fellow.  And he simply loves you to come walk on the wool side here with us.
For now though, we bid you adieu, with two of Woolbert's favorite blocks.


  1. Woobert is a cutie and some one has to handle the quality control job!