Monday, December 3, 2012


Two winners have been drawn but first you must see these stockings.
Antoinette stitched these up last year from our patterns but completely in her own color palette.
They went to her grandchildren and became even more beautiful.
Well . . .  that grand staircase certainly doesn't hurt the view either does it?!
From patterns "I Ben Good" and "Santa On The Way".
I loved reading every single comment.  It sounds like the Christmas spirit  and joy is amplified by hands that create don't you think.  I'm delighted that you find such pleasure in stitching and I especially appreciate that you are enjoying some of my own designs.  It inspires me repeatedly.  Thank you.
Love the sense of humor so many of you have expressed.   I keeps the world turning.

Starting this Wednesday there will be another Give Away.  Winner will be chosen not only from the comments but from our list of Followers as well.  So some of you will have two chances to win.
Gift to be announced Wednesday.  
So I'm glad this one was a lengthy contest because as promised we did get those storms and yes we did lose power a few times.  The storm last night was horrendous - but then again in comparison to recent weather events - quite tolerable and the house still stands.
And as someone commented,  "Country Life eh?"
Ok ok . . . WINNERS
The Number 7 Comment - Carol Simmons
The Number 21 Comment - Cheryl Williams
Both of you may go to our Christmas Pattern Page and pick out your free pattern.
Then just contact me with your mailing address and pattern choice.
Congratulations!   And thanks to all for joining in.
Our next Give Away begins this Wednesday.  

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  1. Okay, i am going to try this one more time. Can't seem to get the idea of posting a comment. Would love to win a pattern so here goes. The winds here in Chico were horrific. No sleep after 2:00 A.M. Wanted to go upstairs and sew but I was too afraid! Have a great holiday. Judy Beck Chico CA