Monday, March 8, 2021


Here is Let It Snow Block #2 - The Wool Peddler.

Sadly, the Wool Peddler’s Shoppe had to close in 2020.   Reasons need not be told.   Rather than let her wooly warm "wears" sit idly in boxes through the long cold winter, she decided to take them on the road.  Being a sympathetic soul, many of her woolens ended up in the hands of unfortunates along the way.  “Everyone deserves to be warm” she was heard to say.  The towns people miss her so.  But no worries . . she is busy knitting , stitching and weaving away and will be well prepared for her reopening in the Fall of 2021.   And again, there will be tea and maple scones every Tuesday afternoon.  With that . . . it would seem, that if in dark times you can let the light within,  shine even just a bit, on those around you . . you may well lend a happier ending to someone’s sad story.

This is one of the larger blocks in this uniquely designed mystery quilt - 12 x 18 inches.   The FREE PATTERN DOWNLOAD Plus Kit and Printed Pattern Options can be found on my website,  

For the download simply click on the green rectangular box on the website product page.   No additional shipping added to kit for this sew along special. 

For a schedule and links to the other 11 Let It Snow designers Blocks CLICK HERE 

To JOIN THE GROUP, go to Farmhouse Friends Mystery Group

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