Thursday, July 18, 2013


Pretty Little Tires    All In A Row.
I'll tell you more about them later . . Probably.

You could call it paradise . . i'm sure the people that live there do.  The Oregon Summer Quilt Expo was held in Redmond Oregon with Sisters and Bend nearby.   I hadn't been there in over 13 years when i attended the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Amazing.  There I took the one and only class i've ever taken . . Rughooking!  Wool.  Wonderful Wool.

This time I rented a house at a nearby resort which two other vendors and our helpers shared.
And now we know.
This is the way to go to a show.
The show . . it was very very slowwww.
More about that later.
But together at the house - every one of us -
best time ever.
Laugh-til-your-cheeks-hurt best time ever.

Located on a golf course which didn't matter to us except for the lovely deer that roamed from green to green.  Funny . . i do not call them lovely at home as they munch around the perimeter of my flower garden.  But here . . soulful eyes and graceful stroll.  So easy to admire.

After the jacuzzi you might want to wine and dine  on the deck.
Storytelling went on into the darkness and way beyond the emptying of the glasses. 

I led everyone on a walk to the top . .  of a hill . . that did not make a loop . . as I had thought.
On and on we climbed.
It began to get dark.  The beautifully landscaped lawns, awing us one after another, no longer visible.
I pretended to continue leadership and insisted that just up over this next little knoll
the way down . . would appear.    That did not happen.
But this did. 

Have you been to the Pine Tavern?
It is in Bend.  Why have you not been to the Pine Tavern?  Would you like directions?
Just along the river . . look for the umbrellas in their pronounced gaiety, tilting this way and that. 
Listen for the cheerful chatter.

And forget that day sitting in your booth at the very slowwww show.  Before i tell you about that, something else . . I stole 2 delectable mushrooms from Diane's plate. 
She never knew it. 
Until now.
Thank you Diane.

Sally, Laurie, Janet, Barbara, Charlene, Reets, Diane

We forced the waiter to drop his tray and take our picture . . We felt charming and did not want that to escape.  Tips were promised.
Three of our house roommates did not make it here so we all laughed for them.
Someone said
"My . . they are boisterous!"
But we did not hear.  We were busy discussing the days' events.  Which means the vendors were not discussing because their day was uneventful - more later on that.  But Janet and Sally and Diane could not be unbubbled - Told us all about their Sue Spargo class that day at the Sisters show.  The busy one.  

I tried to disguise my pouting as i secretly wished, that i had been there too.  I love Sue Spargo. 
As you know . . she is a lady of wool . . gathering flocks of followers as she goes.  That is supposed to make you think of sheep some how.  Did it?  I love eating out with girlfriends.  I hope that you can join us some day.  The subject is often
the love of wool.
wool gathering.
and where did you get that piece.
I want it.

Well now it is very late and time has run out and I must rise it up early to prepare for our local quilt show coming up in just one day . . very much looking forward to this one.  Small yet very wonderful.
I will try to do better with some picture taking.    
Oh and I must finish up on that Redmond show . . 
and then there is the Art 101 shop and its magnificent tires.
To be continued . .                                             


  1. Hey Reets! It was great getting together with you again! Had such a great time at dinner with you all - and so many laughs! I'll never forget "An Affair to Remember"!

    Sorry it was slow at the show - 1st year and all. I tried to do my part with getting lots of wool - and encouraging others to do so too - ha! You had a wonderful selection! Thanks!

  2. Hi Reets,
    You are a gifted writer for sure!! Oh, how I love the wool that I bought from you not to mention the osnaberg fabric. Your pattern is the one that I have been waiting for: I Can Fly Quilt.
    The tires are so cool and I can just see them in one of your pictures (I won't spill the beans).
    Until next time. Sally
    P.S. The dinner was just fab - had no idea Laurie was so funny - my stomach hurt so much from laughing.

  3. Well it was certainly the wool lovers at that show that saved me. I love what you gals do with your woolens . . I want to join your weekly art group. Too bad it is 10 hours away. Send some pictures so all can see.
    Come September we shall laugh together again!

  4. I was one of the customers at the Redmond show, the only thing I bought, from you and the other vendors, was wool. The other booths were just too modern for me. I saw pictures of Sister's show and it was mostly bright and modern also. I sure hope you vend again next year, if there is a next year, as I would travel the 3 hours to go to the show again.

  5. thanks Marie . . . we just need a few thousand more like you! Hope you enjoy your wool projects. Happy Stitching!