Monday, January 2, 2012


The morning walk took me to the lower road along side the tall old redwood fence that greets me almost daily. 
One can easily admire each of its agey narrow planks, every one of them topped with a worn and weathered peak.  Less of a fortress than in the beginning.  Without its license now - its sharp points and brawny rigidity.  A rather staggering, drunky figure these days.
Tattered.  Softer.   Friendlier!!
More of a greeter now. . .that perhaps just keeps the dog in.  And the bear out.  Lovely in every way.
But today, my attention was drawn to the pitch of a roof,  just barely visible in a distance, above the fence top.   Those colors.  How had I not seen them before?  I don't know. . . perhaps the new year has them shouting louder.  A very strange Yellow trimmed in Dirty Aqua.  I listen to them for awhile and then having given them adequate attention, I continued on home and began the search.  I don't hang out with these colors much.  But I found them. .and some of their relatives.  For today, they are charming enough as members of - A Wool Pile.  Lounging around.  Not doing much.  It is New Year's Day afterall.   But tomorrow,  they will be busy - working together - leading me into the New Colored Year.
They are Yellow and Aqua. . .and they have a job to do.  


  1. Once asked my friend if she knew what "Old Yeller" was (thought that was what your post said at first) - she said an old lady that yells at you. Any way - love that color combo and can't wait to see what you make.

    Happy New Year!