Thursday, December 1, 2011


I LOVE when you send me pictures of the beautiful things you have created from your Reets patterns.  I don't love it when i lose them in my files.  I DO love it when I find them.  I found these. . . so keep the faith.  And send me more OK?  I like the Stories you send too.  Thank you.
This is from Claudia and Erin who used our
On The Road Again pattern.  I want one!  Especially if it were to take me to Australia.
"Here is a picture of the bags my daughter Erin, and I made last year. She took hers, the butterfly one, on a trip to Ireland.  The orange one traveled with me to Australia.  The bags were fun to make and travel well.   Thanks for letting us share with you. . . . Claudia"

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