Thursday, November 17, 2011


Me..Woolbert again.  I have to tell ya. . . it iS nearly ThanksGIVING afterall so when Reets handed me just one number out of her big winner's bowl I had to just shake my head.
REALLY?  ONE winner Reets?   So thank me later I drew out two more numbers.  (They don't call me warm and wonderful for nothing ya know).   And furthermore, 
will be a wool kit and I will draw the winner from the Followers of guess that's Reets' . . and my Blog.  The followers are over there to the right if you want to jump in.

Okay Woolbert...May I please say a few things before I announce the winners.  He is just a huge bit bossy . . but oh so sweet.  Just a couple of things first.
We found some small and large glass charms that delighted us.  On our website we have opened
You will find the charms available there.  Soon we will be adding some handmade items and other goodies.  So keep your eye on our website, Reets Rags To Stitches.
I am sincere when I say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments.  I would read one and say, "oh YES...that is my favorite thing about the holidays too!!"  I said it again for the next, the next and you understand I'm read them.   Thank you all for sharing and joining in the fun.
I will try to have a Give-Away every week until mid December.  Won't always have time to send out a notice to our email list so just keep in touch here for the announcements.
OKAY...Do not have the email address for the 3 winners so you will have to Contact Me and give me your full names and addresses.   Be sure to go to our Christmas Pattern Page  and pick out your free Christmas Pattern.
Woolbert and I drew these three numbers.  I will also add some words from your comment so we all match up and get the right winners. Thanks to All and Congratulations to:
  1. COMMENT #9 - Cathy said.."My favorite thing about the holidays is time spent with family."
  2. COMMENT #17 - Cathy Lynn said.."I love sitting in the company of the lighted Christmas tree..."
  3. COMMENT #31 -Anonymous signed Pat - "I get a thrill from making something new for the house or the tree.."

These coming weeks of Holiday season. . . 
Keep it breezy and easy and Joyful and Peaceful .

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  1. Just a comment on the charms. They are so cute. They are just the right size for the little pockets on my Granddaughters Advent calendar.