Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Psssst . . just a reminder that tomorrow we continue with our Gift Give Aways.

Another blogger asked, "What keeps you warm on a freezing day?"
I instantly thought about my favorite scarf gloves and hat ensemble and
replied excitedly with a detailed description.   Later to find out the topic was Hot Foods.
Oh well.  Miz Nettie Needles offered to model these for you.  They are wool of course.
Sadly, my hat is missing.  Don't you love the polka dots?  And how about all of those big tufted wool balls attached - are you thinking Awesome?  oooh . . . I feel your envy.  And I don't blame you!  I'm shamefully in love with these.
The blog I mentioned, by the way, was a new discovery - Tongue In Cheek - go there.
See the link in Good Journeys in that column to the right >>
Nettie Needles Warmed by Woolens
And here we have Little Miss Muff and Woolina Snow.  They are also sporting their woolens.
You would have to wonder . . how could one even imagine a world without wool.    Right?
Well anyway, I guess it is ok to repeat a question already asked . . 
What keeps you warm?  Hot food ideas  -  perfectly acceptable.
All of us here . . wishing you warmth . . on this chilly day.

. . . Oh but I so wish I could find that hat.  I know.   I'm a Big Booo Hoooer.  I know.   But . . .


  1. What's not to love about polka dots!Hugs,Jen

  2. Wow! And there is even a hat to match? I'm busy making the Santa on the Way Bellringer. I had fun decorating the tree. Buttons on the coat next.

  3. What keeps me warm? Well, that would be my quilt on my bed. Such a nice quilt it is.

  4. What keeps me warm.....2 dogs crammed in this chair with me! They like blogging too! One is the perfect lap dog size...the other a 85 lb. Doberman(she thinks she is lap dog size).

  5. Hi! I like warm tea or hot apple cider on cold days. Love the gloves and scarf - so you. The colors are great - and the pom poms too! Gotta love Nettie Needles - always one of my favorites. Did you get her heart fixed - maybe that will be your gift for the holidays.