Monday, December 31, 2012


Because my son-in-law's sister is pregnant and not feeling terrific yet, our Mother and Daughter San Francisco event was not going to happen this year.  But at the last minute mother-to-be had a good day.
And it was on.
The weekend just before Christmas but who could say no.  So many things would not get done.  No worries . . Christmas will surely come around next year.  Unlike last years jaunt, nothing formal was planned.  Have alot of Christmasy images that i will save for a more timely time.  So fun.  This year I canned the high heels . . memories of our comical Mason Street hike still fresh enough!

Those of us heading south caught the
Larkspur Ferry.
Crossing the SF Bay by ferry dates back to 1850 when ferryboats operated between SF and Oakland.  Ferry service bloomed and waned as transportation progressed. The birth of the Golden Gate Bridge eventually terminated it for about 29 years.  The Marin service was revived in 1976 when the Larkspur Ferry Terminal opened.
For us, it was a gloriously sunny journey across the Bay.  

Hard to miss as you depart is this 30-foot metal sculpture.  Created in 1990 by Dennis Patton.
Sir Francis Drake.  Elizabethan naval commander.  To some a hero to others a pirate.
Either way,  an awesome sculpture.

 A bustling Farmer's Market awaited us at the SF Ferry Building.  What a market it was.  No tears for any palette.
Vegan?  GOT IT!
Paleo?  GOT IT!
World's Best Hotdogs - YEP!

 Oh those daughters.  The Hyatt was just a skip across the
street.  Inside, thousands of streaming strands of lights from the top floor to the lobby.
Making our hearts all aglow.

Views from our room

Oh and so now you are hungry are you?  Well hop in our taxi and we will take you to
Tiny.  Farm to table type.  Deliciousy scrumptiousy type. . . Marlowe
 Where you will surely eat . . drink . . and be merry!

We hope that in this new year to come, you will enjoy, or begin, some sort of annual affair . . that will make your hearts sing.
A Very Happy New Year from us to you.
Kathryn - Willow - Journey - Reets - Lilanya
Mothers and Daughters 

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  1. What a nice tradition - and yes, no heels!!! The sculpture is very cool, lights in S.F. so beautiful, and great views from the room. Marlowes looks like a delic restaurant - can almost taste the food. Today it snowed here in Vancouver, WA and the two boys made a snowman. Perfect day for the end of 2013. Happy new year to you too Reets.