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Thursday, October 9, 2014


NW QUILT EXPO PORTLAND was super this year.  Lots of intriguing quilts and garments and
just a bustle of activity.
I took just a small sampling of photos - see them in the slide show at the bottom of this post.
And what a pleasant surprise this was . .
Jan walked into our booth with her completed Block Of The Month
It was more than awesome.  See for yourself.
This is why i love doing what i do.  These things.  Most importantly . . she was as happy with her quilt as we were.  Satisfied stitchers make me smile .  . inside and out.

 And then there is Lulu.  Who made up yet another version of our
Sassy Little Apron.  Even used old kimono pieces for her embellishments.
Lovin' her right?  Join the club.
Here is a short little Expo slideshow.  Enjoy!
And keep on stitchin'
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Thursday, October 2, 2014


And so here is Fall already.  A few years ago I got excited about some Steam Punk jewelry my friend Janet had made.  It inspired this Scream Punk Abby pattern.  A quirky little doll and wall hanging.  Recently Kathy Baker sent me the photo below of her very artistic version.  Love all of her innovations . . read about them below.  An added crow!  And that old zipper around the clock . . just puts her little Abby over the top.  So well done.
Kathy Baker's Scream Punk Abby
In Kathy's words . . . 
"I inserted an old zipper around the clock, with the zip pull....because time is just zipping along...Our Abby loves animals, so she is talking to her pet Raven, and her mechanical pooch (His eyes glow-ooohhh!) is chained up to her flag-the hex nuts are his doggy treats.  I found a heavy ceramic candle holder that holds them all up.  She will be a fun decoration in the Staff Lunchroom at the hospital where I work." 

Thanks so very much Kathy for taking the time to share your photo.  She is delightful AND inspiring.
Happy Fall Stitching Everyone !!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Victor Jacoby Textile Collection - The Rose
See the slide show below for more of this Collection and many more Fiber Fair photos.

Carin and Gail

The Natural Fiber Fair in it's new location, Arcata CA. Community Center, hosted an array of vendors that filled the rooms with creativity and the most splendid gathering of goods for the fiber enthusiast.  A show that seems to step it up to another level each year.   You can read more about their workshops vendors and features on their website . .
Be sure to go if you are anywhere near the North Coast next September.
Carin Engen, an outrageously talented fiber artist herself, was the vendor chairman.  
Can't imagine a better job being done.  Workshops are another grand highlight of the show.

Laura and her artful basket weaving
Indigo Shibori - with April Sproule & Linda Hartshorn

Each year
the Hmong women of Vietnam
make new silk embroidery jacket collars
for each of their family members.
The collars fade.  Each year they are removed.   And replaced.
The faded collars are not discarded, but instead sewn to hats made of indigo dyed cottons.  
I was certain . . even tho too small for my head . . that the one shown here was made just for me.   So now,  it is mine.
It will sit in my studio . . inspiring all who see it.
Until one of my grandaughters catch sight of it . . 
oh how they love to wear hats !
From "Above The Fray" booth.
The glorious hand dyed woven silk ribbon is from
Julie Mueller-Brown.
See more in the slideshow below.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Love the beach destination quilt shows.  San Luis Obispo has alot to offer.   Night before set up, vendor friends and I took the trolley downtown to their bustling Farmers' Market.  The streets alive with garden goodies, enticing foods and entertainment at every corner.  The next evening discovering Los Osos a nearby beach town and then the following night . . Avila Beach . . my favorite.  It was robust with that beachy energy that warms you and fills your spirit with all that is good.  I wish the show was again next week . . i'm ready to go back.
Oh and then there was the show itself.   So well done.   I ran around during a break or two trying to get pictures.  Not a totally successful venture.  Many times there are bodies in front of the quilts admiring the stitches.   But I snapped enough for a little slide show below.  
Barbara Guerena made up our Lollipop Hill Pattern in her own lively colors.  Lively enough for that blue ribbon.  First place in the machine applique category.  It was magnificent.  You will see it again in the slide show.  Congratulations Barbara!  Love what you did with this.
Lollipop Hill Pattern
Here is a little sampling of the wonderful quilts this show had to offer.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Diamond Textiles, who manufactures the yarn-dyed woven cottons we carry and use in many designs, displayed our Baskets Runner model in their booth at Quilt Market this spring.
Diamond sent me this picture but didn't identify that beautiful quilt and wall hanging.  Love both of those don't you?   Woven cottons . . what is not to love.
Well Janet is the winner of our
Congratulations Janet!  Can't wait to see your version.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


And before you are seated, you could warm up your table with our new Table Runner.
Baskets Runner & Placemats pattern also comes with two versions of 15" placemats.
Finally finished the instructions - made simple by piecing half square triangles.
Don't you love half square triangles?!   See one of the Basket Blocks below.
The woven cottons are also available on our site.
Click here to go to our website and view the long table runner.
Woolbert saw that little wool flower on one of the mats so he is ready to
GIVE - AWAY . . this new pattern.
Leave a comment to this post and mention anything about Your Table.
Woolbert will roll the Random Wheel and pick a winner.
Sign up to be a follower and double your chances.
Comment to this post by  SATURDAY, 6.21.14  MIDNIGHT.  Winner posted 6.22.14.
If you post anonymous style,  watch here Sunday for winner and contact me.
My Table is cluttered with wool and kits that are being packed for the next show.  Not ONE INCH left for the new Runner!!       So what about Your Table?

Friday, June 13, 2014


Daughter at 3 . . full of glee.




steps. .
and she's what she wanted to be.
 Nurse Practitioner.   We call her Doctor J
And i'm sure we will be calling her often!
Congratulations!! . . Admirations!! . . And we know you will.
Make The World Better.
Thank you Journey .  . for the most amazing evening.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


A fabric company sent some of their newest yarn-dyed woven cottons to me before Quilt Market. 
I stitched up a 3 block table runner in time to ship off to them for their booth.

I love these wovens and they mix well with all of your woolens . . great backgrounds too.
These six taupes and browns have just been added to our website Accessories/Fabrics Page.
You can order them by the half yard.

I couldn't resist adding some whimsical placemats to the table runner . . 
pattern almost ready.
And of course Woolbert will announce a drawing here for the free one we'll be giving away.  I hope you win . . really!

Below is a scan of the basket block I designed for the runner . . just a bit "off" from the traditional.  After the scan, there was some hand stitching added and then some fabulous quilting by my friend
Angie of All Washed Up Quilts.
So what's in your basket today?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We went to the nearby Summer Arts and Music Festival this past weekend.  The twins decided their new dresses were just right for all of the dancing that would surely come about.

They love festivals and were in heaven with all of the activity.
Even though there was lots of partying to attend to . . . they brought along their three-week old little cousin . . 
and kept a  good watch over her.
Nana had better find some more of that fabric.  Another dancing dress will surely be needed.
Better make that two . . because all the way across the country, just a month before, another little cousin  arrived.    So many dresses   . so many sweet little girls.   So many thanks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


How I loved these indigo prints purchased at a quilt show.  As you can see . . they are reversible.  Take your pick . . light or dark!
Not at all intended for the twin gd's 2nd birthday dresses.

But on the way back to my booth i spotted an adorable dress pattern.
 The reversible fabric would offer up two very different dresses.  The twins are rarely dressed alike.  I bought two fabrics for the ruffles to distinguish them even more.   I laid out Dress 1.  I laid out Dress 2.  They were looking sufficiently unalike.   But then . . somehow . .  the fabrics kept getting flipped . .  and switched . . and flipped again.  Leaving me with two very similar frocks.   Add to that, I liked the ruffle on the first dress so much that it had to go on the second as well.
Oh anyway . . aren't they cute?!!   The design is from kati cupcake Pattern Co. and the dress pattern is called Peggy Sue.   Are you stitching today?   Lots of sizes if you want to whip up something cute for a dear little one.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Our new children's quilt pattern
also includes these cuddly little wool bunnies.  Give them a little hug and they'll even squeak for you.
 Wouldn't they be fun to find in an
Easter Basket?

Barbara from Polluck Pines CA. wasted no time whipping up a whole colony of them.   Love how she fashioned these two in that adorable wooden cart.  What a wonderful setting with the wool eggs and all.
I had to comment on that tablecloth.   So love that!
She said that is is from a wonderful country store in Turlock.  You can actually check them out on Facebook at American Country Cabin.
As always Barbara . . I love your work.
And thanks . .  for putting a little Spring in our step.   

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Nettie would like you to meet her new friends.

Here is Hattie.  Christine Arburua, changed Nettie's personality with a new hairdo and outfit.   Hattie was donated to Chistine's local library fundraiser.  She wrote that she was going to make herself a Nettie to keep.  And not too many days later . .  along came Sylvie!

 Sylvie . . Nettie thinks you are just divine.  
It seems Sylvie stole the heart of one of Christine's friends so on she stitched to make a 3rd.   I hope that she is able to keep at least one for herself.    Who knows . . she might be on #12 by now.
Don't you just love her hair and earrings?!!
Adorable in every way.
How wonderful if they could all come visit some day.
And why not a Steampunk version?
I hope that Miz Nettie does not get jealous of this looker.
Kathleen Mcleod . . Washington state doll maker.
Wouldn't you love to meet Steampunk Nettie in person?  Classy.

Truth be told . . 
Nettie has been feeling just a few stitches short of lonely these past days.
But everything seams sew much better now. 

And let us both say . . 
"Thank you Christine.  Thank you Kathleen."

for your wonderful creations . . and the time
you took to take and send these photos so that they could be shared with others who love the art of stitching
. . . and the art of doll making.

Dolls Rock !!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Like a little something new added every year to the decorations.  After I clean and organize my sewing room it becomes "my studio",  and is much more worthy of some holiday garnishes.   An empty space was revealed on top of my favorite cabinet.
Some years ago I found this primitive little plaster bird guy at Anthropologie.  And he wanted in.
So, because i just have nothing else to do, I made him a little santa hat and gave him a new setting in which to sing.  Love to decorate don't you?  Just little things.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Remember Lulu of Lulumoonmymuse.blogspot.com . . she won that apron pattern?
In case you thought that Lulu makes only an apron or two,  take a look at these booth pictures.
My friend Janet took the photos at a recent art show in Portland.

 If like me, you did not get to attend this show . . let's all
"Boo Hoo" together.
Or . . hop on over to her Etsy site.
I just got the most unique little santa ornament there, and some wonderful cards that are
Very Lulu.

You would have to agree wouldn't you . . Lulu IS her art.

I love Unique.
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