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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


How I loved these indigo prints purchased at a quilt show.  As you can see . . they are reversible.  Take your pick . . light or dark!
Not at all intended for the twin gd's 2nd birthday dresses.

But on the way back to my booth i spotted an adorable dress pattern.
 The reversible fabric would offer up two very different dresses.  The twins are rarely dressed alike.  I bought two fabrics for the ruffles to distinguish them even more.   I laid out Dress 1.  I laid out Dress 2.  They were looking sufficiently unalike.   But then . . somehow . .  the fabrics kept getting flipped . .  and switched . . and flipped again.  Leaving me with two very similar frocks.   Add to that, I liked the ruffle on the first dress so much that it had to go on the second as well.
Oh anyway . . aren't they cute?!!   The design is from kati cupcake Pattern Co. and the dress pattern is called Peggy Sue.   Are you stitching today?   Lots of sizes if you want to whip up something cute for a dear little one.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Our new children's quilt pattern
also includes these cuddly little wool bunnies.  Give them a little hug and they'll even squeak for you.
 Wouldn't they be fun to find in an
Easter Basket?

Barbara from Polluck Pines CA. wasted no time whipping up a whole colony of them.   Love how she fashioned these two in that adorable wooden cart.  What a wonderful setting with the wool eggs and all.
I had to comment on that tablecloth.   So love that!
She said that is is from a wonderful country store in Turlock.  You can actually check them out on Facebook at American Country Cabin.
As always Barbara . . I love your work.
And thanks . .  for putting a little Spring in our step.   

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Nettie would like you to meet her new friends.

Here is Hattie.  Christine Arburua, changed Nettie's personality with a new hairdo and outfit.   Hattie was donated to Chistine's local library fundraiser.  She wrote that she was going to make herself a Nettie to keep.  And not too many days later . .  along came Sylvie!

 Sylvie . . Nettie thinks you are just divine.  
It seems Sylvie stole the heart of one of Christine's friends so on she stitched to make a 3rd.   I hope that she is able to keep at least one for herself.    Who knows . . she might be on #12 by now.
Don't you just love her hair and earrings?!!
Adorable in every way.
How wonderful if they could all come visit some day.
And why not a Steampunk version?
I hope that Miz Nettie does not get jealous of this looker.
Kathleen Mcleod . . Washington state doll maker.
Wouldn't you love to meet Steampunk Nettie in person?  Classy.

Truth be told . . 
Nettie has been feeling just a few stitches short of lonely these past days.
But everything seams sew much better now. 

And let us both say . . 
"Thank you Christine.  Thank you Kathleen."

for your wonderful creations . . and the time
you took to take and send these photos so that they could be shared with others who love the art of stitching
. . . and the art of doll making.

Dolls Rock !!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Like a little something new added every year to the decorations.  After I clean and organize my sewing room it becomes "my studio",  and is much more worthy of some holiday garnishes.   An empty space was revealed on top of my favorite cabinet.
Some years ago I found this primitive little plaster bird guy at Anthropologie.  And he wanted in.
So, because i just have nothing else to do, I made him a little santa hat and gave him a new setting in which to sing.  Love to decorate don't you?  Just little things.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Remember Lulu of Lulumoonmymuse.blogspot.com . . she won that apron pattern?
In case you thought that Lulu makes only an apron or two,  take a look at these booth pictures.
My friend Janet took the photos at a recent art show in Portland.

 If like me, you did not get to attend this show . . let's all
"Boo Hoo" together.
Or . . hop on over to her Etsy site.
I just got the most unique little santa ornament there, and some wonderful cards that are
Very Lulu.

You would have to agree wouldn't you . . Lulu IS her art.

I love Unique.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Went to 3 Christmas Faires this past weekend.  Crafting is still alive and well.
Would you like to see my favorite purchase?  
Two soft and colorful jingle balls and a crinkley little blankie.
Love her modern and well put together fabrics as well as her very reasonable prices.
Her booth was packed full of wonderful children's quilts stuffed toys, balls, blocks and more.
Everything so delightful and fresh!
Each item hand made by Crystal Barrow of Lil Comfies.  
And guess what . . besides her booth items, she takes special orders.
You can see more pictures of her booth and items on her Facebook Page.
You can also click on her name above to email her if you would like to purchase any of her
Lil Comfies.
Oh .  and be sure to check out her heavenly Lil stuffed Hippos.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Petaluma Quilt Guild was 20 years old this September - that calls for a celebration for the 100 members.   Sara Zander was part of a planning committee for table centerpieces.  Some would become prizes after the big dinners.  She needed 2 for each table, 24 in all.  Using our Four Mini Pincushions pattern, she adapted them to fit atop teacups which they found at thrift stores.
Being a proficient embroideress and teacher, she embellished each in her own creative way.
 A little note about this pattern . . my friend Sue miniaturized a number of my designs and made them up into all of these adorable tiny pins and pincushions.   Now feast your eyes on what Sara has done with them. 


A national teacher for 
The Embroiderers' Guild
of America,
Sara had no difficulties embellishing these way beyond the designs offered in the pattern.
Marvelous . . every single one.

And then . .with a little help from her friends . . the Tea Cup Pincushions.
You are wanting one aren't you . . me too?
Twenty Four Cups of warm and wooly wonder! 

Sara, busy as she is, even manages to belong to the Red Hat Society.
Please be sure to visit her website,  ladystitch.com.  And do not leave before viewing her Portfolio.  I did.  And came upon this Door image.  Instantly I recognized it as an image that motivated me to purchase a copy of Quilting Arts Magazine.  It was in 2008 and it was one issue I could not bare to pass on . . it was that incredibly intriguing Door!
The Door was runner up in the magazine's
Doorway To Imagination contest.  You can read more about it, and Sara, on her website.
I feel so honored that she chose one of our designs to go wild with.  And thank you not only to Sara but also to our mutual dear friend Cheri who encouraged her to send me these pictures and this delightful stitching story.  
LOVE this Stitching World.  It is the best life isn't it?
So . . what are you stitching on?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


NW Expo - Portland
There were raffle winners each day.  One of those days an artist named Lulu dashed into my booth waving her winning ticket.
Lulu.  A Winner - in every way.
  I could tell she was an artist by the way she dressed . . and besides . . I'm lucky to know her a bit . . and her artwork.  And her blog Lulu Moon.  She won her choice of three free patterns in my booth.  One of her picks was our Sassy Little Apron pattern . . that did not surprise me.
She didn't waste any time.  Just last week my friend Janet of Art Journey sent me the these pictures taken at their weekly Art Group Gathering.

 You would have to agree that
Every sassy little artist
needs their own hand made apron.
Love that she wore it to Art Group . . 
and i hope that there is a dash or two of paint on it by now don't you?

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Perhaps next week you are over the river and through the woods like we will be.
And maybe you would like to prepare a little Holiday embroidery project for your journey.
Every travel needs a stitch right?
Cat and Mouse from Stitchery Do
Or possibly you will be cozied up at home.  Whereever you may be,
I wanted to
Thank You . . 
for visiting here.
So in honor of Woolycat . . who you may have met in the last post,
I have uploaded a free Cat and Mouse embroidery pattern.
This is one of three designs in an older STITCHERY DO pattern.
Click on the CAPTION below the image to go to our new website Freebie Page.
Follow the instructions for a simple download of the pattern, which you can print,
along with printable instructions.
I will try my best to keep the Freebie Box an ongoing event.
No purchase necessary.
No anything else.
just a Thank You from Woolycat .  .and me . .  to you.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Hi . . it's me Woolbert.   Ok . . i am just a bit jealous of him but i suppose it is time you met my chum Tony The Tiger . . aka . . WoolyCat.
Why jealous?
Well Reets homes me out to this rather chilly ole shed and sure i have my wool coat and wool blankie as well but Tony . . he spends every single night in that warm and cozy house.  Piles of my wool in every nook, corner and cranny.  And he finds each and every mound.  Reets says he listens for that "dryer done" buzzer.  After which she retrieves her warm and wonderful woolens and spreads them about on the couch ready for folding.
But within seconds . . they are HIS!
He thinks he is so sly.  Spoiled thing.
"If I keep one eye closed she'll surely never see me on
her treasured Beauty Berry.  heh heh . . "
"ahhh . . I love to find my wooleys stacked next to the
velvets.  What a life!"
"These are MINE I tell ya . . All MINE!  Don't even think about it!"

"hmmm .  this buffet pennyrug just isn't quite big enough."

"I'm thinkin'"

"Maybe with a 
little twisteroo 
I can stretch it
out a bit aye?"

"That's more like it.
Where there's a
will there's a
WoolyCat way!"

"What's this pile of models doing here on the floor?  Must be for me next snuggy nap."

 "Ah .  I see it's showtime.  She's packin up my wooleys and what's that? . . a little snoozing space at the top?  I'll take it.   Hope she doesn't see me in here 'cause I know the next show is in Portland.   I LOVE Portland.   Don't you know? . . 
Voodoo Donuts is there!"

Ok now . . it's me again, Woolbert . . here to confirm that the following images are actual.  You do see that wool in the bottom of that basket don't you?  Well so did my bud The Tonester . . Ohhh yah . . Sly as ever aren't ya partner?

"Uhh. . I say now. .It surely looked big enuf. "

"Woolbert . . I need some help here . . buddy!"
"I  say WOOLBERT . . .

"Hey yah Tone . . I hear ya.  I'm out here . . in this freezy frosty SHED!
Wish with all my wooley heart that I could get in there to help you out.
In there in that
But here I am  . . way out yonder . .  just chillin' . . sorry pal."

Monday, November 11, 2013


Finally finished with this years shows!  Trying to check things off my list so i can get ready for the holidays AND . . next years shows.  Sew Sew Sew.
I have one more short jaunt to make and then will return here to catch up with overdue posts and best of all . . 
communicating with you once again.   It was long and busy year.
Below is a short slideshow of a small collection featuring our Holiday Patterns.  We have many more on our website so if you would like to go check your list, simply click on . . 
and the sleigh will magically pick you up and deliver you there.
Don your wooly winter cap and enjoy this snowy little slideshow.
Snow makes me want to  SEW!  How about you?
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