Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Petaluma Quilt Guild was 20 years old this September - that calls for a celebration for the 100 members.   Sara Zander was part of a planning committee for table centerpieces.  Some would become prizes after the big dinners.  She needed 2 for each table, 24 in all.  Using our Four Mini Pincushions pattern, she adapted them to fit atop teacups which they found at thrift stores.
Being a proficient embroideress and teacher, she embellished each in her own creative way.
 A little note about this pattern . . my friend Sue miniaturized a number of my designs and made them up into all of these adorable tiny pins and pincushions.   Now feast your eyes on what Sara has done with them. 


A national teacher for 
The Embroiderers' Guild
of America,
Sara had no difficulties embellishing these way beyond the designs offered in the pattern.
Marvelous . . every single one.

And then . .with a little help from her friends . . the Tea Cup Pincushions.
You are wanting one aren't you . . me too?
Twenty Four Cups of warm and wooly wonder! 

Sara, busy as she is, even manages to belong to the Red Hat Society.
Please be sure to visit her website,  And do not leave before viewing her Portfolio.  I did.  And came upon this Door image.  Instantly I recognized it as an image that motivated me to purchase a copy of Quilting Arts Magazine.  It was in 2008 and it was one issue I could not bare to pass on . . it was that incredibly intriguing Door!
The Door was runner up in the magazine's
Doorway To Imagination contest.  You can read more about it, and Sara, on her website.
I feel so honored that she chose one of our designs to go wild with.  And thank you not only to Sara but also to our mutual dear friend Cheri who encouraged her to send me these pictures and this delightful stitching story.  
LOVE this Stitching World.  It is the best life isn't it?
So . . what are you stitching on?


  1. Thanks for sharing. Sara is generous beyond belief!
    The door is captivating. What lies beyond?

  2. i really enjoy your blog ! peaceful mind mainly means to have the minimum amount of thoughts, avoiding compulsive thinking.

  3. Hi Marilee,
    Thanks for the nice comment! Behind the door is a heavily embroidered 'land of imagination', photos on my web site.