Sunday, December 15, 2013


Remember Lulu of . . she won that apron pattern?
In case you thought that Lulu makes only an apron or two,  take a look at these booth pictures.
My friend Janet took the photos at a recent art show in Portland.

 If like me, you did not get to attend this show . . let's all
"Boo Hoo" together.
Or . . hop on over to her Etsy site.
I just got the most unique little santa ornament there, and some wonderful cards that are
Very Lulu.

You would have to agree wouldn't you . . Lulu IS her art.

I love Unique.


  1. Going to check out etsy now. Her Freida doll stood out to me.

  2. Reets - love the post you did here of Lulu at the show! Her booth was amazing - and her art is heart warming to say the least. She is a doll! Her Frieda's are amazing too!