Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Like a little something new added every year to the decorations.  After I clean and organize my sewing room it becomes "my studio",  and is much more worthy of some holiday garnishes.   An empty space was revealed on top of my favorite cabinet.
Some years ago I found this primitive little plaster bird guy at Anthropologie.  And he wanted in.
So, because i just have nothing else to do, I made him a little santa hat and gave him a new setting in which to sing.  Love to decorate don't you?  Just little things.


  1. Wow, is that a real string of pearls plant in the chalk white vase? I'm impressed. Your little bird will look naked when you remove his Santa hat after the holidays. Really cute touches!

  2. It is a real string of pearls that i have been nursing along for almost a year. Been so cold here that Birdie might need that hat until summer!

  3. Reets - can you come decorate my house??? I need some help for the holidays! Love what you've done. Also, Diane gave me a start of that string of pearls plant - didn't know that was the name.