Tuesday, November 26, 2013


NW Expo - Portland
There were raffle winners each day.  One of those days an artist named Lulu dashed into my booth waving her winning ticket.
Lulu.  A Winner - in every way.
  I could tell she was an artist by the way she dressed . . and besides . . I'm lucky to know her a bit . . and her artwork.  And her blog Lulu Moon.  She won her choice of three free patterns in my booth.  One of her picks was our Sassy Little Apron pattern . . that did not surprise me.
She didn't waste any time.  Just last week my friend Janet of Art Journey sent me the these pictures taken at their weekly Art Group Gathering.

 You would have to agree that
Every sassy little artist
needs their own hand made apron.
Love that she wore it to Art Group . . 
and i hope that there is a dash or two of paint on it by now don't you?


  1. And I was there when she had the winning ticket!!! Yeahhhh Lulu.

  2. Reets - great post and awesome apron pattern!!! Lulu did a great job with it - just love all the details! She even dyed one of the ribbons she used on the top part at the waist! Wowser! Also, Lulu is such a great dresser, she often incorporates aprons and vintage aprons with her skirts and outfits - and looks fabulous! She really has a great sense of style! So glad she won that day at the quilt show!

    1. Hey girls . . I was thrilled she won. It is such fun to see what pattern winners do with their winnings. No disappointment here huh?

  3. What a great apron .... Lulu has such a lovely fun style!

    1. I know . . Love her style. I'm a Lulu dresser wanna be.