Friday, November 15, 2013


Hi . . it's me Woolbert.   Ok . . i am just a bit jealous of him but i suppose it is time you met my chum Tony The Tiger . . aka . . WoolyCat.
Why jealous?
Well Reets homes me out to this rather chilly ole shed and sure i have my wool coat and wool blankie as well but Tony . . he spends every single night in that warm and cozy house.  Piles of my wool in every nook, corner and cranny.  And he finds each and every mound.  Reets says he listens for that "dryer done" buzzer.  After which she retrieves her warm and wonderful woolens and spreads them about on the couch ready for folding.
But within seconds . . they are HIS!
He thinks he is so sly.  Spoiled thing.
"If I keep one eye closed she'll surely never see me on
her treasured Beauty Berry.  heh heh . . "
"ahhh . . I love to find my wooleys stacked next to the
velvets.  What a life!"
"These are MINE I tell ya . . All MINE!  Don't even think about it!"

"hmmm .  this buffet pennyrug just isn't quite big enough."

"I'm thinkin'"

"Maybe with a 
little twisteroo 
I can stretch it
out a bit aye?"

"That's more like it.
Where there's a
will there's a
WoolyCat way!"

"What's this pile of models doing here on the floor?  Must be for me next snuggy nap."

 "Ah .  I see it's showtime.  She's packin up my wooleys and what's that? . . a little snoozing space at the top?  I'll take it.   Hope she doesn't see me in here 'cause I know the next show is in Portland.   I LOVE Portland.   Don't you know? . . 
Voodoo Donuts is there!"

Ok now . . it's me again, Woolbert . . here to confirm that the following images are actual.  You do see that wool in the bottom of that basket don't you?  Well so did my bud The Tonester . . Ohhh yah . . Sly as ever aren't ya partner?

"Uhh. . I say now. .It surely looked big enuf. "

"Woolbert . . I need some help here . . buddy!"
"I  say WOOLBERT . . .

"Hey yah Tone . . I hear ya.  I'm out here . . in this freezy frosty SHED!
Wish with all my wooley heart that I could get in there to help you out.
In there in that
But here I am  . . way out yonder . .  just chillin' . . sorry pal."


  1. LOL...hilarious. I assume you are coming up for the show next week? If so, will stop at your booth and say travels and enjoy your "donuts" from Voodoo. I drive by it daily to and from work but have never been to the downtown store, only the one on Sandy Blvd. Bring your rain gear!!! :o)

    1. Oh dear . . i think i was a little misleading Michelle. The Portland packing picture was taken before my Portland show this past September! All the shows for this year are finished. A little time for other things . . yes.

  2. Really enjoyed your cat's antics...I've been on the fence about getting another cat. You may just have thrown me over the edge...

    1. Hope you do find a kitty Jenny. Woolycat is very entertaining. We have two cats but i'm missing having a dog. Glad you enjoyed the cat tales.

  3. Hey kitty, kitty, kitty! Of course he would love the beauty berry purple! Here are all the colors I was telling the girls about at the Folk Art Retreat. Love them all - and that little striped tiger you have there!

  4. Ha ha ha! Great post, Reets! Woolycat and my little beasties would be great friends. Let's see what we can cover with cat hair today!!!

    1. Oh yes . . and I did hear this once in my booth as a customer picked up a piece of lovely wool.
      "oh . . do you have cats?" groan. Don't worry Janet . . i now check ALL of the beauty berry purple!

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