Thursday, November 21, 2013


Perhaps next week you are over the river and through the woods like we will be.
And maybe you would like to prepare a little Holiday embroidery project for your journey.
Every travel needs a stitch right?
Cat and Mouse from Stitchery Do
Or possibly you will be cozied up at home.  Whereever you may be,
I wanted to
Thank You . . 
for visiting here.
So in honor of Woolycat . . who you may have met in the last post,
I have uploaded a free Cat and Mouse embroidery pattern.
This is one of three designs in an older STITCHERY DO pattern.
Click on the CAPTION below the image to go to our new website Freebie Page.
Follow the instructions for a simple download of the pattern, which you can print,
along with printable instructions.
I will try my best to keep the Freebie Box an ongoing event.
No purchase necessary.
No anything else.
just a Thank You from Woolycat .  .and me . .  to you.


  1. That came up nicely. Thank you!

  2. Thought of you today as I put u my Christmas tree and added the Believe Angel to the top. My daughter was here and asked where it came from. I explained I had won the kit from you and quickly stitched it up to use last Christmas as well. The Angel is there on top in all her glory! Thank you again, my friend!

    1. I remember your angel and her story well Deb. The thanks goes to you. Peaceful stitches.