Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Setting

Bit behind on the decorations this year.  I wanted to revisit a post showing my last year's favorite little setting.   Little Wool Santa.  Have him all ready to put out again tonight.
For all of the details you can visit "Older Posts".

Can't forget my big find...The Urn.
How perfectly it homed this little
live Christmas tree.  
 Oh deary me,
I never did take that one down.

Then you might want to go back and make some of these wonderful Christmas napkins.  Just click on the picture caption to go back to last year's post.

Ok, TONIGHT we draw the winner of the wool pak below. Woolbert is way too anxious!


  1. Hi Reets,
    Love your darling green Santa.
    Guess what, I may have figured out my problem with your blog - I didn't sign up for emails-duh. Every year I learn something new. lol.
    Congratulations on putting on the most beautiful wedding - you and the bride were beautiful and all the best to the handsome couple.
    Fingers are crossed for tonight and how is the cute Toni the Tiger this year?
    Hugs, Sally

  2. I totally love that green Santa. I remember the pot from last year too - a great find. How about your red Santa bust - do you put that out on display?