Monday, April 2, 2012

TWO Precious

In just an hour they are one week old.  They live nearby so I have been gone ALOT!
A little synopsis of the event.

Shower - Mama with inherited sisters.  Radient X three !

February Shower - Golden cast of Mama.
This was so beautiful.

Birth Night - Gazing at Poppa Rock
Uncle Z all aglow.

12 Hours Old

Two Precious. . .


  1. Congratulations Rita!!! They are just precious!! So much fun ahead!!!! :)

  2. oh, such beautiful sisters. where did the dark curly hair come from? already, the sis on the left is looking after her sis on the right while she is sleeping. bonds are already forming - a wonderful journey ahead. love.

  3. They look so cute. Glad your close by grandma. Your family looks so happy. Keep the pictures coming. Were having #7 in Dec. Dana/Nicole.

  4. Its hard to believe how tiny they are when they are born - beautiful little girls. How lucky to be born with your best friend! I'm so happy for you.