Friday, March 23, 2012


Well I told the twin grandbabies to take their time in there with Momma all around . . so to speak.  I explained that I needed just a bit more time to finish their quilts.  They are such patient little girls.  The quilts are now finished.   So.  Our arms are open!  I promised them i would not make identical quilts.  What fun is that anyway.  For one I used the Cut-and-Turn block that I showed you in a post last Nov. 19th.   It was a demo at our quilt guild meeting.  The other was an adorable fabric that I found at my friend Sandi's quilt shop in Ashland Oregon. . . Fabric of Vision.  Then I rushed them to All Washed Up Quilts to be quilted.  I left very little instruction since they are the quilters and I am not.  They hit it!  I love the whimsical magic they used to transform these quilts.
Anyway.  here are some pics.  And I'm sure that when the grandbabes see these they'll come a flying out - to get First Pick! 

Just loved this little print.
Bit of a "cheater" pattern.
The picture of the quilt back seems to have gotten lost somewhere.  I just wrapped the backing around to the front to create a simple binding.
That was easy!
Both quilts are bigger than the normal crib size.

I like the back too don't you?!  Momma likes modern fabric
so i sacrificed my last piece of an old favorite from Amy Butler.
Looks much better here than crammed in that fabric cabinet!
Used the Cut-and-Turn Blocks in two
colors and then an adorable little girl
solid block for the alternate.

 For the simple Cut-and-Turn Block instructions just go to my old post dated November 19, 2011.   Or click on the link at the beginning of this post.    The previous post provides a much better contrast of colors and also shows how to execute the block.


  1. Ready and waiting, good for you! They will love their quilts.

    1. Well some day they will! They hung them as art work in the birthing room Monday. And so here they are and so cute. The family is home and well...and not sleeping alot at night. The price you have to pay for a bit of heaven!

  2. Hey Rita!
    How nice I get to see these quilts even though I am so far away. Great blog! Give those girls my love when they arrive!
    Love, Consuelo

    1. Consuelo!!,
      Your mother and I were just talking about you at the birth! We decided that we both adore you. Keep us posted on your travel life. You will melt when you meet the precious two! Take care.

  3. so beautiful reets, they really are art!

  4. Those lucky little girls have some wonderful quilts all ready for them! You are great at getting things done - and with such a busy work schedule! Love the little Asian dolls mixed in with the blocks. The backs look great too.