Monday, April 30, 2012


As I scooped up the last handfuls of fallen petals from my most beautiful ever tulip bouquet, I could not seem to convince myself that they were done blooming.   So i placed them into a favorite white ware bowl so as to honor them just a bit longer.  Then I happened to notice. . .they matched some napkins I had just made from scraps of fabric.

   Double-Sided, Mitered-Corner Napkins.   When I wanted to refresh my memory about the technique I learned some years ago, I did a search and found a great guide for making them and best of all, it told you how to adapt measurements to make your desired size.  This way I was able to use a larger piece and also the smaller pieces that were left over.  Stitching up utilitarian homey things was so fun.  
Make Four - Give A Gift.
Click on this blog,  QUILTED STRAIT,  for the very useful napkin tutorial.  Happy Stitching!

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  1. Its funny how a combination of colors can suddenly pop up again and again in a short time, letting you know that it was meant to be. Its calling to be noticed. Those petals are beautiful - satiny. Will have to try those mitered corners soon.