Thursday, October 2, 2014


And so here is Fall already.  A few years ago I got excited about some Steam Punk jewelry my friend Janet had made.  It inspired this Scream Punk Abby pattern.  A quirky little doll and wall hanging.  Recently Kathy Baker sent me the photo below of her very artistic version.  Love all of her innovations . . read about them below.  An added crow!  And that old zipper around the clock . . just puts her little Abby over the top.  So well done.
Kathy Baker's Scream Punk Abby
In Kathy's words . . . 
"I inserted an old zipper around the clock, with the zip pull....because time is just zipping along...Our Abby loves animals, so she is talking to her pet Raven, and her mechanical pooch (His eyes glow-ooohhh!) is chained up to her flag-the hex nuts are his doggy treats.  I found a heavy ceramic candle holder that holds them all up.  She will be a fun decoration in the Staff Lunchroom at the hospital where I work." 

Thanks so very much Kathy for taking the time to share your photo.  She is delightful AND inspiring.
Happy Fall Stitching Everyone !!


  1. Hey Reets - I love your original steam punk doll and Kathy's take on it too! The staff is lucky to get to enjoy this fun project for the whole month! Well done!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kathy and Reets. It is a great pattern - love it!