Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Maybe you remember.  This Midnight Blue background lost out last time.  It was all up to the little snowguy . . and he said Black!

Lovey Dovey was much kinder to this nighty shade of blue.
You can tell they like each other right?
See them fly?
They are on their way to NW Expo in Portland.  They hope that you can come.
September 19, 20, 21.   Love this show.
So . . years ago I started dashing bits of glitter . . which became LOTS of glitter . . on just about everything.  Including almost all of my holiday ornaments.  These new ones will sparkle too, but this time I'm relying on just my stash of flashy flosses.  A little less mess, but just as much fun.
Not all of you can come to Portland.  Woolbert knows that.  So as soon as the finishing touches are completed, he will be giving away a free copy of this new pattern . .  and you can have some fun too.  So stay with us!

Tomorrow or the next day i'll have the Fat Quail Quilt Show up.  A fun slideshow.
See ya then.


  1. You both inspire me . . I'm closing up the final stitches right now.

  2. Looking wonderful! Love that blue and old white together! Looking forward to seeing your booth.