Wednesday, September 4, 2013


A couple of weeks ago my friend Marilee asked if I would care to go with her to the  Laytonville quilt show.  Had I ever gone to a quilt show and NOT set up a booth?  I could not remember doing that. 
 I was delighted, I accepted, and I eagerly awaited the day out of the studio and on the road!  Laytonville is a small town along 101.  Population just over 1200.  If you love historic information like I do, Laytonville was founded in 1874 by a Nova Scotian, Frank Layton, who built a blacksmithy and house at the site.  First post office - 1879.    ok.  
Less than an hour away from home.  A beautiful day.  I can't tell you how much fun it was to leisurely saunter about, chatting, exclaiming, laughing, and taking LOTS of photos.  The Fat Quail, which hosted this little outdoor show is a gem of a shop.  Debbie, the owner, is endlessly providing her customers with new samples, new products and mountains of new fabrics.
Inspiring . .  always. 
We were overwhelmed by what we saw at this "little town" show.
Incredible quilts came out of those hills.  A memorable day.  
I hope you enjoy the slideshow I made for you.  As with all Smilebox slideshows, when the first picture pops up, hit pause for some seconds so the first caption and music catch up to the first image.  Enjoy!

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  1. I loved seeing the show again! Thanks for 'rehanging' the basket quilt.

  2. Wow what a show! Amazing was just wonder it sold right away. I like the wooden quail near the beginning of the slideshow...would make a great design for you. My favorites were the Love quilts and Wounded Warriors, both great causes.

  3. I love the Fat Quail shop and stop at it each time I drive through. Once the shop was closed but much to my surprise the owner heard my car door closing after checking out the hours, she kindly let me come in and make a few purchases. She was piecing a huge amount of old jean squares for an older customer. That is a great shop owner.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'll have to try and get to one of her shows in the future.

  4. Loved that wooden quail. Her husband probably made it. Maybe he will do a wooden Woolbert for me. The Wounded Warrior quilts were very touching. There were more that i didn't get pictures of. Many times people were gathered in front of the quilts so no pictures. Debbie is a great shop owner and a very prolific sample maker. They do have the show every summer. I will not miss it!