Wednesday, January 18, 2012


First . . Gigi, please pick one of the three juvenile quilt patterns offered in our giveaway and then contact us so we can send your pattern on its way.   Congratulations!  Thanks to all of you who entered the drawing.  Next it is the Followers turn. . . Woolbert said so and he will pick a name from all who have signed up to Follow our blog.   We'll let you know what and when.

Almost ready...Sue is taking the pictures today.  Don came up with these book formats a few years ago.   Finally we coordinated our efforts into a new pattern which will have two appliqued wool books to help keep you organized in this new year!   Who doesn't need that?  Here is a peek at the small one.  It will be on the website soon.  


  1. Wow, this is a great idea - everyone needs a beautiful book and I am very interested in your binding. Take care and keep up the creativity!

  2. Hey Reets! I think you should make a few examples and have "Dreams" or some flowers on another cover. This is a great idea. Maybe Woolbert or a rabbit? Thanks.

  3. Oh how exciting -- thank you so much! I'll email my contact info through your website.