Tuesday, January 10, 2012


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In one Big New Color Year Leap.
Just pinned for now.   Finish soon.  Probably a

If you have pawed through our hand dyed wools at a show and are one of many that have asked,  "Why no blue?"  And if it was you who frowned when I said, "We just do greenyish blues"....Well then, I have a new color answer for you....because of you....and because of the boisterous blue that shouted at me the other day from the pitch of that roof.   Some nautical shades will be all aboard the show boat and on the website too.   Going to finally fix the neglected wool page of ours...
don't rush me tho.

So for you - Dusk Sky
And for you. . .
Midnight Blue


  1. Hi Reets! I was one of those that asked for indigo - so thanks! I like that midnight sky. Something midway between duck and midnight would be nice too! Ha - is that too much to ask? Like your walk inspired creation too!

  2. Ohhhh...the indigo girl. Yes now I remember. I agree, an in betweener would make three and I like uneven numbers. Good idea.