Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Heads Are Better Than One??

Two heads are better than one!
     No they aren't!
Yes they are!!!
     No they AREN'T!!!
Shut up!!
     No you SHUT UP!!!

Oh girls girls please...I heard you all the way out on the porch.  
They don't even have their mouths yet and already they are sqwarbeling.  I'm turning off the audio so as not to disturb you with this recurring nonsense - because sure as sugar, as you read, they are still at it.
It's like this. I start on a new doll.  Not happy with the first head.  Make a second. (sometimes a third ..fourth.. fifth and so on)  Leave them sit for a day or two.  The battle begins.  Most always it's the inferior one proclaiming two heads are better...meaning she wants me to use both and make two dolls.  Well.  No one wants to be discarded I understand that.  Still, no less irritating.   At this point I am favoring the weirder one.   What the jump..they're both pretty weird.
Well, I will contemplate the figures in between the little wool squares I am working on.  Perhaps it will take a few nose stitches on each or a very mindful placement of some mouths.  Or perhaps I will just choose the one that shuts up first.   One will return to meet you later.  But only one, because I have decided..  One head is better than two.

"Reets is such a bag of wind isn't she?  We have been sitting on this
shelf for over FOUR YEARS.   Unfinished and unattended.  She hasn't even noticed that I'm sticking
my tongue out at her."    "Yah and she tosses this 1800's scrim and satin bonnet over MY head so I'll
think I'm eloquent or something.  Did you hear her saying about those faceless babes up there that she
'leaves them sit for a DAY or two.'
"HUH!  How about a DECADE or two.   Humpff..If she ever does give me legs I'm going to give her a
big ole kick in that royal rump of hers.  I am!"
"Oh..Oh!!  And remember that hideous Halloween thing she made...the one she made
13 heads for?
Remember them?!!  She pondered over those things for they were WORTH something.  They weren't worth a bag of beans.  And they ALL looked the SAME!  Oh..oh...and THEN ..then she chose the very first one she made.   Look, some of them are still tossed over there on that old armoire."

Oh..Thanks for noticing us girls. Raggy Reets abandoned us.  And PLEASE do tell us, just HOW that one
down there is any better looking than any one of US?!!  I'll give you a singing sack of candy corn if you can!
We're every bit as gorgeous as she.  And she got the wand and the legs and the shoes and
then the TITLE.  The QUEEEEEN  of  HalloWEEE-EEEN! 
 The Hag. 

Oh my,  The sorry sagas a Queen  must lend her ears to.
I think I'll have some tea.

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